Sunday, October 11, 2009

RV-Dreams Rally - Last Full Day

Yesterday was a full day. We finished up the RV-Dreams Rally seminars with three topics:
  • Choosing Campgrounds/RV Parks
  • Workamping on the Road
  • Boondocking/Solar
All were very good. Finding a great campground with the right amenities at the right price takes some research sometimes. Howard did a great job of explaining how they go through that process. Workamping on the road is something Pam and I may do if we find the right situation. We probably won't look for something like that until next summer or fall.In the afternoon we had Open House for all those that were willing to show their RVs. There was two shifts so we all could have a chance to see other peoples rigs. That was fun. We had a steady stream of people.And then we got to go tour other folks' rigs.
Howard and Linda had a lot of folks go through their Keystone Cambridge 5th wheel.. They have made a number of modifications in drawers and shelves.Kermit and Lisa have a 40' motorhome and pull a 20' trailer for their clothes and toys business. They are from New Hampshire and ship products to 80 countries. They have quite an inventory and quite a story.Dinner was catered last night and we sat with Harvey and Nancy Bell and Charles Henry. They were a lot of fun. The pork chop was the largest I have ever seen. And it was good.
After dinner the festivities began with line dancing and square dancing. Everyone had a good time.
We watched for a while and then headed back to the Roadrunner for a little while before we called it a day. That's a wrap on the Roadrunner Chronicles for today - we appreciate you taking the time to check it out.


  1. Just caught up on your blog. Have been dry for four days at the Balloon Festival - put it on you MUST SEE/MUST DO list!! Sounds like your rally was excellent. You won't regret one penny of the money you spent on pressure pros. I bought them on the road year one from a guy and they offer peace of mind. Tire shop owners have even thanked me for using them. I pull mine off and store them in the rig when we're parked and so far the batteries are on year 4.5 and still going. Now back to reviewing some of your other past posts. billgill

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed reading your summary of the rally. We were unable to attend this year. Your pictures were great! We were in Branson last June for the first one. Thanks again.

  3. Hi there. Just catching up with some of your latest adventures! Hope all's well. Hi from all of us!

  4. Thanks for the great coverage of the RV-Dreams rally. What fun!