Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lake Lavon and JFK in Dallas

We are staying on Lake Lavon at the East Fork Army Corps of Engineers (COE) campground near Wylie, TX. It is a beautiful place and we are near the water. We have some great views.
However, we have a tree to deal with and will have to move forward a feet on our campsite pad to get the DirectTV satellite working. We tried a few things yesterday and still had no signal. Finally we called King Dome and they helped us recalibrate the system. It should be working when we get out from under the tree.We were glad the American League Championship Series was broadcasted by Fox which comes in fine on our digital antenna. Too bad the Angels had so many errors.

We originally were going to see the State Fair but since it was after noon before we left, we decided to go downtown on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).Nice train and setup. We had a couple of hours before we were to meet Kelly (our daughter) so we walked a few blocks and to found the JFK museum. We walked past Market St and Elm St and then were right at the intersection at Dealey Plaza where it happened.
I thought it was in a more open area with quite a distance between freeway on ramps and intersections. But it was not that way at all. The Texas School Book Depository is now the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.
- There is a white X on the road (near the red truck in the picture) indicating where the fatal shot hit JFK.
- We walked around the area and saw a gentleman who was there the day (November 22, 1963). He was not an official guide but there to offer his thoughts and make a few tips.
- We went inside to the museum which was well worth the $11.50 per ticket (with a $2 discount). No pictures were allowed but you can see a lot by clicking on the link above.
- It reminded me a bit of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum. Another sad day in America.

After that it was time to go meet Kelly in her new office a few blocks away. Near by fans were cranking up the party for the Texas - Oklahoma game. The sign outside a local bar said 'Welcome Texas/Oklahoma Fans' but I didn't see any OU fans.
Kelly's new office is a couple of doors down from the bar.

She works for 5G_Studio Collaborative which is an interior design firm. It reminds me a lot of my brother Brad's architecture digs over the years.
She is enjoying her first few weeks there. Kelly's buiness card reads: Director of Marketing.She gave us a tour of the operation and it was very impressive. Looked like a lot of hard working people there. They have some large projects in Dallas (the new Dallas Omni) and some big contracts overseas in Vietnam and other parts of Asia.

After that we headed back to the campground. We were going to get some steaks to grill but saw some roasted chickens that looked great. Since it was late in the day, they were on sale at half price. We got those and had a great dinner while we watched some baseball.

That was it for another day out here in RV land. Thanks for reading the Roadrunner Chronicles. See you next time.


  1. We plan to visit the Dallas area next week while we are in McKinney getting our MCD shades istalled. Thanks for the heads up on the DART system. Makes more sense than driving in.
    Take care,
    Gerri and Mike (happytrails)

  2. Thanks for the tour, Randy. If we're ever in Dallas, the JFK site is one place we will definitely want to see even though it was such a tragic event.

  3. We'll be visitng this area in January... Thanks so much for the web site link... Have fun and enjoy that COE park... It really looks like a good one!

    Travel Safe

  4. What a great post. We'd been to the JKF museum back in 1997, but your photos rekindled the desire to go to Dallas again. Enjoyed the tour of the area. That COE park looks great. Enjoy your stay.

  5. Randy and Pam,
    We will be arriving at MCD Sunday (Oct.18th) and should be there the entire week. We would love to meet you guys. Just let us know when you plan on visiting and we'll be sure to be there.

    Mike and Gerri

  6. Hi- Following your breakdown/tow/repair escapade - been there/done that (several times), glad all turned out well.
    Have a beautiful sunset picture from Lake Lavon COE when we stopped there last May - great place.
    God Bless,
    Bud & Mona