Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windy Cool Mexican Train Kind of Day

I am still working with my laptop making slow progress. I got the data backed up, then tried to go into the BIOS and check some things out and get Windows Vista SP2 uninstalled. I quickly got in over my head so I will resume my conversations with the Dell help desk and my friends in India.

We also took a look at the map and plotted our route out of here toward Mercedes, TX. We will be leaving next week to get some dental work done in Progresso, Mexico. Our friends Posey and John have an appointment too so we'll go with them.

I also made reservations at Holiday Park COE recreation area at Benbrook Lake near Fort Worth, TX for the week of Thanksgiving.

The rain finally stopped early in the afternoon, so we went for a walk around East Fork Park Army Corps of Engineers (COE) recreation area where we are staying.
It was still cool so Pam went back for her hat and I picked up a wind breaker. It was a nice 30 minute walk around the campground. It rained pretty hard for a couple of days so some of the campsites were almost under water.
In the late afternoon our new friends Gerri and Mike came over for dinner. In addition to Pam's great cooking, a highlight of the evening was learning how to play Mexican train. I think it is a common form of entertainment among RVers and something we have wanted to do for a long time.
It was a lot of fun and great evening! We enjoyed our time with Mike and Gerri. They are still at MCD Innovations getting new shades installed in their Dutchstar. We may see them again this Sunday at church. Hope so!

After they left we turned on the ACLS game and watched the Angels eek one out over the Yankees to extend the series. I would love to see a California / Philadelphia series, but the Angels have an uphill battle to make that happen.

Hope your day went as good as ours, and we thank you for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Hope your sick computer is getting better everyday. That is such a pain and so frustrating.

  2. This Mexican Train game is popping up in a few places - I'd never heard of it before. Good luck with the computer - hope it gets better soon - must have the H1N1 virus maybe??

  3. We really enjoyed our evening with you guys! The food was great and the fellowship wonderful.
    You have a beautiful home!! Thanks for everything.