Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shades, Friends and Direct TV

Yesterday we dropped Kelly's car off at the garage. Then I drove her to the train station so she could get on her way to work in Dallas.
Afterwards, we had the pleasure of meeting Mike and Gerri Jones who are currently in McKinney, TX. It took about an hour for us to get their from Kelly's house and we met them at MCD Innovations.
They were getting some shades installed in their RV and were parked on the lot. MCD has full hookups for customers which is a nice feature.

Mike and Gerri have been RVers for a few years and they invited us into their Dutchstar motorhome. They have it set up really nice and it is a beautiful home. We talked for a while and shared some stories. Both of us are regular readers and fans of Howard and Linda Payne's RV-Dreams Journal.

We have been following Gerri and Mike's Journal "The RV Life/Mike and Gerri's Journey" and it was great to meet them.
Mike and Gerri introduced us to Bobbi at MCD who talked to us about their shades and how they work. We thought about getting our done, but our frugal minds won't let us follow through. At this point, our shades work fine and the new ones would cost several thousand dollars to install. So, while we would like to do it, we can not justify it at this point in our new RV life.
Later we returned to the Roadrunner and spent some time working on getting a DirectTV signal. We are parked under a tree and figured that might be the problem.
We got a tutorial from the KingDome technician a couple of days ago on how to re-calibrate the system.
We moved a about 10 feet forward on our RV site and vola! It worked. Now we can pick up both cable and local TV. Just in time for the final games of the NLCS and ALCS playoffs!

After that, we went over to a haircutter and Pam got her hair done.
Then we went over to Kelly's, picked her car up from the garage, picked her up from the train and Pam fixed dinner. We returned to the Roadrunner well before the 10:00 curfew and finished up the evening watching the Dodgers win and Angels win.

That wraps it up today for the Roadrunner Chronicles. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. MY parents are looking into buying an RV soon so I was checking out some blogs about it. I can't believe how nice some of these RV's are! They are nicer than my house! Thanks for having this blog chronicling your experiences.


  2. Gee, those folks look familiar also!!! We so enjoyed getting to know you guys and are so glad you drove over to visit on Monday. We are looking forward to seeing you all Thursday evening.

    You have been busy.....wow!!