Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Few Projects Around Home (the Roadrunner)

Yesterday was a stay at home day around the Roadrunner for the most part. I was updating the blog and started having problems early with my Dell. It had trouble loading a SP2 patch and finally locked up. I will have to figure out how to get it serviced.

Next I pulled out Pam's Apple laptop and did some things on it. I am liking it more and more. Things are becoming more familiar.

Kelly is making a headboard for her bed and needed me to split a board at a 45 degree angle. She is going one piece on the wall and one piece on the back of the headboard. That didn't seem to hard and wasn't.
I don't think I could have don't without the clamps. It was no problem. Especially with a new blade in my Black and Decker Skilsaw.

Next I decided to wash the Roadrunner. It has been weeks and was pretty dirty. Before I started, I needed to get out my five short hoses and attach them together. Next I needed to put the Y-attachment on the spigot.

I have two attachments. One is plastic and one is metal. The pla
stic one leaked so I put on the metal one.
The gauge is for water pressure. I adjusted it so I could get about 51 pounds of pressure going into the coach. A good rule of thumb is between 50-55 pounds although some have it set higher than that.

Back in Sioux Falls we didn't use our gauge and it was coming full force into the Roadrunner. I believe that is the reason we sprang a leak in the shower faucet/hose connection a couple of months ago.
It took me a while to wash and rinse off the coach but it sure looks a lot better. I will need to clean the windows separately to remove any streaks I missed.

We also got the oil changed since our new Honda has 8200 miles on it and it indicated it needed maintenance. Can't beat a 15 minute oil change at Walmart for $30. Kwik lube wanted $42.

Next I got the grill out and Pam cooked some catfish and salmon that turned out great. We watched the Yankees win game 3 of the American League Championship Series. Looks like the umps were feeling the pressure too. They missed a few calls. But it wouldn't have changed the outcome.

After that it was late so we went to bed. Thanks for stopping by the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Hi Randy, sounds like SP2 didn't like something on your Dell Laptop. Service Pack 2 will cause some systems with the early version of the prescott chip to lock up. I did a quick check on your problem and it just might be that you need to update your bios to what's called Revision 8 or later. Bios updates are available at the Dell support site. Here's how you might be able to get your laptop going again.

    Disable Cache in Your Bios
    When your system is booting, enter your bios screen. Disable your Level 1 and Level 2 cache and save. Reboot the system and let it sit. Your system will be very, very slow at this point, but it will boot. Uninstall SP2 through the Add/Remove Program section of your control panel. After you uninstall, update your bios, and then reinstall XP SP2

    This is probably what a service depot will do - or something similar. I think your computer hardware is o.k. - it just sounds like a bad software glich!

  2. That Rick is so smart isn't he? I hate computer problems... My honey need to wash the outside of Tassie too... Have a fun filled day!

    Travel Safe

  3. Hi Randy and Pam! Wondered what software/program do you use to make the cluster/group pictures?

  4. Randy I have been doing the same here. I got the house all waxed and looking good and then it started to rain. I think it will rain all day so my wax job will get a workout.

  5. Go Mac - Boy, you move up to a Mac and you truly will be THE MAN! Why folks mess with any kind of pc is beyond me. Macs just work! Go for it.