Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the road again--- heading for Kerrville

We left the Rodeo grounds after early morning good byes to our fellow Care-A-Vanners. About half way to Albuquerque, we stopped at the San Idelfonso fuel stop and spent $272.45 on diesel. I think that is the most we have ever spent on one stop. We have a 150 gallon tank.

We were heading for El Paso TX.
Ever since we left Kansas, we have noticed the engine missing on up hill grades. It is something we are going to get checked out in Dallas in a couple of weeks. I think it needs a tune up and just regular servicing. It has been about 7,000 plus miles since the last oil change, fuel filter change etc.

Outside of Albuquerque and were met by a sky filled with hot air balloons. We forgot that this weekend is the first of the Balloon Fiesta. Those balloons are really something to watch. They were all around us as we drove by Fiesta Park. I understand they have about 550 balloons from all over the world.We were hoping to catch the cow in the air but we were only to snap a shot of it just after it landed as we drove by. It was neat to see all the ballons as we drove through Albuquerque.I turned into a cloudy and rainy day but we made good time through Las Cruces and onto El Paso. Just outside of El Paso our wiper blade came loose. The piece that snaps it into place went flying before I could turn off the wipers. We tried a couple of sizes but the windshield is pretty large and I need a 31 1/2 blade.

Not many places carry those. We tried a 28 inch blade but the arm/loop where the blade connects to the wiper is just to large. For the time being, I did some carving on the 28 inch piece and put some duct tape on it. We'll have to go without until we can special order another one.

We stayed at Ft Bliss Army RV campground. What a nice place. The sites have full hookups, are cement pads and are all pull through sites. Someone was thinking when they built this place. We arrived about 2:20 PM and they had two sites left. Perfect since we only need one. And for $14 it was fine.

We got some groceries, hunted for a wiper blade and went back to the campground. I took three loads of wash to the laundromat on site while Pam cooked some pizza. She brought dinner to the laundromat as the last load was drying.We went back to the Roadrunner and watched Tennessee get beat pretty soundly then called it a night.

We are looking forward to our first RV rally in Kerrville. More next time from there.

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