Saturday, December 7, 2013

Roadrunner Financials - November 2013

In November, we continued our travels in Southern California, seeing friends and relatives.
Roadrunner Recap
We spent time in Redlands (not far from March ARB) seeing Bob and Sue and their families for a few days before going over to Seal Beach.  From their we were able to spend time with nephews Nate and Ben and their families.
Then on to San Diego where we saw cousin Kevin and some of his family.
We also saw nephews Rob and Matt (who was visiting) and their families.  Brother Marty and wife Elena were also visiting for Thanksgiving so we saw them also.

Our stops along the way in November were:

  • A - Moreno Valley (March Air Reserve Base)
  • B - Seal Beach (Sea Breeze RV Park at the Naval Weapons Training Center)
  • C - San Diego (Admiral Baker Navy RV Park)

Good News Areas We Are Under Budget
We saved a lot in November because we didn't have to fill up with any diesel.  We also were $400 under budget in repairs and maintenance, enjoying a combined $1000 during the month.
Biggest Expenses
Our biggest cost items were in the catch all:  Misc.  
We did some early Christmas shopping and spent a little too much time in the golf pro shop at Torrey Pines.  We also played some golf in Seal Beach and a couple of rounds in San Diego.
Large One Time Cost Item
The largest single item for the month was for a gift card/Christmas present from IKEA.

Monthly Average
So for the first half of our fifth year on the road, we are a little under our $4000 monthly budget.  We'll see if we can keep that up in the coming months.  We still be in California through the end of the year, so we will see.

Thanks again for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!
As always - if you find this type of tracking useful and would like a free copy of my spreadsheet, I'd be glad to send it to you.
Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.  Until next time...

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