Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Short Trip over to Jojoba Hills

We left our campground about 9:30 AM and had an easy drive to Temecula and then on to Jojoba Hills.  
We have been Escapees Members for probably six years.  We joined before we had an RV so we could learn and do some research.  Escapees have a number of RV parks and campgrounds all over the country.  We try to stop in and get a feel for them.

We couldn't make a reservation, but we did call ahead to see if there were possibilities.  Sue at the front desk indicated we probably would be able to get into a site and not have to be in overflow.  So off we went and arrived at the office about 11:30 AM.
Sure enough, we are renting an owner's site who is no here.  Pretty great space and it looks out over the canyon and surrounding hills.
Once we got set up we had lunch and then worked on the water pump.  We will be boondocking/dry camping next month at Quartzite, so we need to have the water pump working.  A couple of days ago I turned it on just to check it out and it was not drawing water into the pipes.  It was acting almost as if the 'pump needed to be primed'.

Pam checked out the filter and then removed the pump.  I had been carrying we an extra pump from a previous replacement.
We replaced the defective one with the 'Used' pump.  While we were at it, we replaced the water filter.  We had to adjust the connections a bit but we were done in less than an hour and all is well.

We signed up for a tour of the property and Charlie arrived a little after 1:30 PM to show us around.
There are 283 sites that are approximately 50' x 70'.  The one that we are on at the moment is even bigger.
We started over near the Office and took a look at the Ranch House.
They hold meetings there and members can reserve the facility for family gatherings and those kind of things.

Then over to the Art Center which was near the overflow/boondocking area.
We stopped by the woodworking and automotive shops that were pretty impressive.

And we drove around all the roads and neighborhoods that are terraced on the hills.  Interesting enough I did not take one picture of the sites as we went by?  But you can see some great photos of some nice sites here.

We also walked through the Clubhouse known as the 'Friendship Hall.  It was very impressive.  Lots of activities to get involved with and things to do.
The library had a huge selection of books and DVDs. To my surprise I found the 1940 edition of 'Grapes of Wrath' starring Henry Fonda!
(Which we watched last night.)

And a heated pool and a couple of Jacuzzis.
Charlie did a great job of explaining things and showing us around.  If I understand it right, the cost of a site is $31,000.  Then the monthly fee is $240.  When you leave, you get your $31,000 back.  So you own it as long as your fees are current.  But you can not resell it to someone else or keep it.  It goes back to Escapees.

Though I don't think we want to move here, a lots of things impressed us including:

  • Friendly people.  From the minute you walk in, to everyone (yes everyone) we met or talked to,  they were completely friendly and glad to meet you.  Escapees definitely lead the way in the that department.  Totally friendly environment.
  • Activities.  There are a lot of things going on here and everything is done by committee. Library, Talent Show, Post Office, Kitchen --- seems as if everyone was involved with some committee (or more than one.)
  • Spacious and well kept sites.  This is the nicest Escapee park we have ever been to and we have probably visited 8 or 9.  The building and codes committee definitely has done well.  There are not a lot of real different buildings and storage on sites.  All are unique but they have a very consistent sense of orderliness.
  • Cost.  At $24 a night for full hookups and access to all the facilities ($1 for washers and dryers), it is very reasonable.
  • Design of campground.  Lots of thought and planning went into the campground.  The sides of the hills have an immense watering system to grow underbrush for erosion control.

So that's a quick look at Jojoba Hills and our latest on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Thanks for joining us!


  1. We have to add that one to our "Good Campgrounds" list. Thanks!

  2. We've not been to this Escapees campground but have stayed in a few others. We had put a deposit down on sites at both Yuma and Benson... the waiting list was so long we figured we'd be ready to decide which one we wanted by the time our name came up. Well, I guess quite a folks either passed on or opted out... our name came up a couple of years ago and we knew by then that we really didn't want to "retire" at either place. Great places for short-term, but not a "final" place for us. Thanks for the tour of this one.... maybe someday we'll stay there for a while too.

  3. We toured about 8 or 9 Escapees parks and Jojobo Hills is the nicest. The views are great as well as all the grounds.

  4. Is the $ 31K a security deposit? Looks like a very nice place at a good daily rate. We always stayed on bases or state / national parks. Good thing you checked the water pump and then had your talented wife fix it.

  5. we head west once again next year and may have to renew our Escapees membership that we let lapse just to spend some time at this park, thanks for the tour.