Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blog Reasons

Sometimes I like to spend a while reading other people's blogs and see what is going on.  I am a regular reader of Rv Travels with Karen and Al and related completely with some of the points that she was making with why she does what she does on her blog.

It got me thinking about The Roadrunner Chronicles and I thought I'd relate some motivations I have behind mine.

The header.
I have had a few photos that I like and for a while I put together a collage with a couple of scenes.  But I like to change it up a bit.  So I try to just use one photo that is fairly recent.
Don't you all get tired of seeing the same photo? 
I like to keep it updated/well maintained and that is one of the ways I do it.

I try to keep each title I chose fairly short.  I just prefer short title.  And I try to avoid stringing-together-more-than-one-thought-in-the-title.

Back in the day when I was a briefer in my military life, one of the things the boss drilled into us was that the staff (audience) wants to see a picture or colorful graphics...not just hear us drone on...
I have tried to remember that in my posts.  But I admire those that keep my attention with very few pictures.  So I mix it up.

I like to keep it short.  I find it very hard to read a long page of information with no paragraphs and/or long sentences.  I can run through short paragraphs much easier and quicker so I suppose my audience feels the same way.

I like to know where people are when I am reading their post.  Sometimes it is easy to picture where they are other times it is a mystery.  I don't mind looking around a bit but if it take more than a quick glance, I may or may not read on.  So I often create a map of where we have traveled for the month, or for the last destination of the journey.

I wish I had taken 'Creative Writing' in high school (and Spanish).  When I started this blog I didn't realize it would become the hobby it is.  I hoped I could learn to write better.  I admire those that write well.  Like my kids - they write very well.  So I figured I would get better at it by 'going for it' and just writing about whatever comes to mind.

Content two.
There may be an unwritten rule regarding politics, sex and religion in the blogging world.  I can find blogs on those subjects.  In the blogging world some rant now and then on those things.  I try to limit that stuff and yet I do broach the subject from time to time.  I am who I am and make no apologies.  But I can learn a lot from those who don't see things from the same prism as I do.  I have lots of friends who don't think like I do.  I have lots of friends who are on a different page.  And thats the way I like it.  I value their friendship.  But I don't like to 'go at it' or 'get in a dig' --not my style.

Content three.
Sometimes it is a stretch coming up with something to say.  Sometimes it gets a little long (and maybe too academic with history and background) --but then I rationalize that I am writing in part for my own education and knowledge.  Sometimes I run out of ideas (as in "this is what we had for dinner") and don't have anything really profound to say.  But I want to try to figure out something that I can post...because I want to keep in touch with my audience.

I love the fact that you all stop by and want to continue to engage at some level with you all.  Writing a regular blog and posting something 3-4 times a week does that.  I know there are far more readers that read this than I see at the comment line, and I appreciate that.  I am astounded that 744 individual readers stopped by last week to check in.  That makes it fun for me.  I feel some sense of obligation to post something worthwhile for you all too.

I obviously the payoff is having the privilege of your comments.  I have seen a couple of blogger friends who routinely get 20+ comments each day!  But then I look at the commitment on their part.  They blog every single day and have done so for years.  They work hard at it.  If I get half that, it is a real bonus.  I appreciate it when you all offer a comment. Looking back, I have gotten the most during our tough times/tragedy and you have been there.  And when we get into trouble, you offer some encouragement.  It really is just that - encouragement.

We have made a whole host of new friends because of this blog and because of their blogs.  What a great thing!  Its part of the adventure and we look forward to more of both.

Its about time to wrap this up and get on with the day.  There's a little background on where I am coming from on my blog and why I do some of the things I do.  Some of you have had questions over the last few years and those are always welcome.

Hope you all are enjoying the week and this time of the year.  And are warm. I appreciate you and value our connection.  Thanks for stopping by today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. You did a great job on this blog. It's interesting to understand what people look for in a blog and what motivation they have in writing it. You have provided insight and started me thinking about this topic as well.

    When I read a blog, I like to get to know the person as well as what they're doing, so these thoughtful blogs really interest me.


  2. The design of a blog says TONS about the blogger..Yours is very thorough and informative, with lots of thought put into it!...

  3. Well said! I enjoy sharing our RV life on our blog and I get the biggest kick out of a total stranger coming up and introducing themselves because they've gotten to "know" us from reading our blog. It's an amazing community out there and it's nice to be able to connect with readers.

  4. You are correct in the fact that most of us write for personal notation but appreciate the hidden notoriety we gain as complete strangers get to know us as we enjoy life as we know it. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Another super post. I wish I had taken creative writing classes as well. I do feel a sense of connection to the writers of the blogs I read and consider many writers my friends. I've learned from blog writers and appreciate their efforts.

  6. Having the attention span of an gnat doesn't help when faced with trying to write something after a rather uneventful day, which is why I'm in awe of those who can pound out something (mostly) interesting each and every day.
    Sometimes there is that whole, "one cactus looks like another" thing, but usually it's worth a visit.
    As for my part, I never took any creative writing, so I suppose I just tend to blather on.
    The "hidden agenda" I find of having a blog, is being able to go back in time and look at just what you did two or three years ago. Can't beat that.

  7. Good thoughts. Blogging is a commitment that should be fun ... I think that's rule one.

  8. We blog in no small part as the diary of our full time travels. We do not measure ourselves at all through followers and comments, although they certainly are welcome. If we are satisfied with the writing of our "history", then we have blogged well.

  9. Even though some of us blog for the same reasons, I think each of us have our own special reasons for blogging. I am not creative in either designing my blog or in my writing and I certainly can't put out a daily blog. My poor ole brain doesn't work that way. But I certainly appreciate those people who can blog on a regular basis. I love reading blogs.

  10. I've had our blog going for a few years and can relate to your comments today. I read your blog regularly and enjoy your style & thoughts every time. I use our blog primarily for family and friends as well as a diary for us. I use blogger and have a "hidden" bunch of "drafts" that I don't publish to keep minute details of people and staff and owners info. I use that when we return to a place to remind my "geezer" mind and memory of the who, what, how, when, etc. ! We read blogs for a few years before we started our fulltime travels and they really helped advance the learning curve ! Keep up the good work. Hopefully we will cross paths in the future. Rolling Earthquake... Just us--Charlie & Heather

  11. I think that most of the bloggers post because of THEIR own need and not always think how will readers deal with it especially when they do not know the writer personally.
    It was said that looking at someone else pictures is boring...
    I find my self reading posts that :
    show location,short,have pictures and stand by them selves with me going back to previous posts to understand what it is all about.
    I have to think about what I just said when I post my next post.....

  12. you hit the nail on the head, Randy! we all blog for different reasons and this is why 'blogville' has such a diverse group of writers..all entertaining in their own right!

  13. I enjoyed reading your reasons for blogging, Randy. It's always great to see what other bloggers think about writing and it provides a good reminder for me to review what I'm doing as well.

    I agree with Erin that blogging is for fun - at least that's been my main reason for quite a while now.

  14. I really enjoyed this, Randy. I think I have learned much from fellow bloggers about what makes a blog interesting and fun to read. I have benefited from that, since I do write my blog for myself as well, and got a chance to see just how much I have learned over the last few years as I "read" the blog in hard copy when I ordered my first Blog2Print book. It is a great hobby and definitely has opened up my world to new experiences, new friends, and great ideas. Thanks for this post

  15. When I see my name mentioned in the first paragraph, I immediately think, "uh oh." Glad I'm not in trouble!

    I think everyone has their own reasons for writing their blogs and they should be able to do them whatever way that works best for them. I also wish I had taken some writing classes. I guess it's not too late, is it?

  16. I enjoyed this post as well as the comments. It's always interesting to read why bloggers do what we do.