Thursday, December 5, 2013

More from Jojoba Hills

Yesterday we enjoyed Day 2 at Jojoba Hills.  We went for a walk around the park which is very good exercise.  Along the way I decided to take a lot of pictures to augment the photos I showed yesterday. This time I had a lot of campsite pictures.  And a couple of folks enjoying their day.
The property  has lots of inclines and hills among the terraced roads.  They sure did an excellent job of laying out this place 25 years ago.  Despite the hills, the sites are level.  And it looks like they tried to maximize the views.  They are great!
One thing we noticed were the sheds.  All the sheds are the same size and painted the same color.  Nice.  Gives the place a real look of standards and style.  If I got the story right, the sheds were all built by women (while the guys did other things) who called themselves the 'You-Bangers'.  As in, "you bang this while I bang that..."  No surprise they did a very good job.  
Another impression I get around the place is the sense of pride and orderliness.  No gaudy signs or hangings or yard art, no clutter.  Yet everyone has some discretion in how they want to fix up their grounds and yard.  Lots of plants and bushes if you want them.  Others have roses or cacti.
And some have large patios and some have a few brick pavers.  Some have free standing campfire pits or fountains.  Some are more plain.
Some live here most of the year and some are here only a few months and travel.  Those that travel and put their sites in the 'pool' allow visitors like us to rent the lot and stay for a few days.  The money goes back to the resort which helps in the overall funding and budget.

I am surprised there are something like four open lots for sale here.  This is definitely a great option for those that are looking to go 'part-time'.  I have often said there are so many ways to do this RV thing.  Part time, full-time, half time, extended time, some time....

One gets the sense that the folks are very good 'stewards' of what they have.  They have little fund raisers during the week like 'Ice Cream Hour' for $1 at 3:00 PM.  And they have lots of volunteers.  It doesn't seem like there is any coercion but more or, 'hey - join in the fun'. And they recycle and have a recycle committee that runs it.
And then after our walk around the resort, we had lunch and were doing some reading when a couple drove up.  Nikki and Joe introduced themselves and reminded us we had met way back in 2009 at an RV-Dreams Rally in Kerrville, TX.
They are from Newport Beach area and started full-timing about he same time we did.  And they told us about their adventures to Alaska and how much they like the Corpus Christi, TX area.  Good RV story stuff.  And how they came here and bought a lot.  They are volunteers in probably half a dozen committees.  It was a very nice surprise and nice of them to come by!

That's it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for stopping by!!  Even though you may not leave a comment or for those that do -- we appreciate it!  Until next time...

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  1. We've never been to Jojoba Hills so it was really fun to take the tour with you.