Thursday, January 6, 2011

Georgia to Houston in 2 Days

We stayed an extra day at King's Bay Submarine Base Campground and left early on Monday morning.  We could have left on Sunday, but we decided we wanted to stay and enjoy the campground another day.  We wanted to rest up for our 2 day dash down I-10.
We got up and got ready to leave early.  The sun was barely up when we pulled the coach out of our site and hitched up the Honda.

One we got on the road, it was a bright and gorgeous day to travel.
The first couple of hours I was at the wheel, then Pam took over the driving at the first rest stop.
It is a lot different being the passenger, but quite enjoyable.  I took the opportunity to fire up my laptop and do some work on our finances.  I also hooked up my iPhone4 and we listened to a couple of hours of the audiobook:  Decision Points.  Pam drove for about 5 hours - her longest stint yet.

I finished up by driving into Gulfport, MS and we stayed at the Naval Construction Battalion facility.  The RV campground was open and level and it had concrete pads.  The scenery was nothing special but it was fine for our overnight stay.
While there one of life's mysteries was solved:  Naval Construction BattalionsCBs are also know as the "SeaBees".  All these years we have heard of the SeaBees and we had no idea what they do or where they were located.  Now we do!  The things we learn as full-timers!

We used to stay overnight at WalMart when we are traveling but we like the idea of finding military campgrounds along the way and checking them out.  For the most part, the Navy has the best campgrounds and sadly, we have seen quite a few USAF campgrounds that need some attention.  It seems the shape of the campground depends on the local base commander ~ if they are supportive, the campgrounds usually are pretty good.

The next day we again got out of the campground early and made it to the Texas border Visitor Center by about noon.

As we were looking for Exit 787 east of Houston for RV Resort Campground, we did a double take... the eastern border of Texas on I-10 begins with Exit 870!!  That is a lot of exits and miles to travel to  get from the east state to the last exit on the western border....

We arrived about 2:00 PM at Houston Leisure RV Resort in Highlands, Texas.  From here we are not too far from the events and festivities during the next few days.  We are here to celebrate Mark and Megan's wedding.
Thanks for joining us on this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Hope your week is going well!


  1. Another military campground in MS for us to check out. Thanks for taking us along on your ride.

  2. We can thank Dennis Orr for for our additional drivers.

    880 miles of I-10 from one side of Texas to the other!

    Welcome to Texas, enjoy your stay here.

    Mac & Dianna

  3. Looks like you had a good trip...Kudos to Pam for driving that big rig...I could only do it if I had NO turns, NO back ups...and NO fueling....

  4. Yep - she does it all!

    And no lessons from Dennis; she got all her experience on the farm pulling a hay wagon back in the day...

  5. I love your life!!! That coach is pretty spectacular! It's just fun to read your journal and...dream!! Have fun...hope the wedding is wonderful!

  6. I am a SeaBee. I went thru basic training in Gulf Port, Miss. That was way back in 1969. I transferred to Port Hueneme Navy Base in California and joined US Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11. After a tour in Viet Nam, they decommissioned 11.

    In a stroke of irony, USNMCB 11 was recommissioned in Gulf Port Mississippi, during the war in Iran a couple of years ago.

    I have not been back to the Gulf Port base in many years. They have had two Hurricanes since then, so I am sure that I would not recognize anything of the old base. Unless you can recognize the old concrete grinders we marched on. LOL

    Many folks do not make the connection between the Construction Battalion CB, and the nickname of SeaBee's. Our motto is Can Do! As such, we feel there is nothing a SeaBee can't do!

  7. kudos to Pam for driving the 'big rig'!..I know when it is our turn, Doug is going to have to tolerate sitting in the passenger seat! least once in a while!

  8. We are aiming to have a big rig in our future. I am determined to be able to drive as well as my husband. I'm a little worried about backing up, but I'll learn!

  9. That was some distance you covered in short order. That's the beauty of your lifestyle. Up and go at will, for however long you wish.


  10. That rest stop as you enter Texas on I10 is the best. Did you walk out behind it on the boardwalk?

    It is actually 880 miles of I10 in Texas from Orange to El Paso. What a long, long drive. I read somewhere that 880 is the highest number on any Interstate Highway. I am sure it is.