Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Weekend

We are enjoying our time here in Eagle Hammock Campground in King's Bay Submarine Base (Georgia). We are only a few miles from the Florida border and about 30 miles from Jacksonville, FL.

A tail light bulb burned out so Pam tracked it down and replaced it.  Not sure why but we have had a recurring issue with the tail lights and paid hundreds of dollars over the last 18 months dealing with it.
The drinking water was tasting funny, so while she was doing that, I replaced the water filter.  Wish I'd done it a little sooner, it was pretty gross (see new and old filter at lower right portion of picture) and there was no question it was time for a new one.
Then we got on the road to Jacksonville.  We took a look at the Pelican Park RV Campground Mayport Naval Air Station (NAS).  We heard it was a good place to stay and put it on our list.  It is right on the water and ships come and go with in a 100 yards of the campground.
We continued on to St. Augustine for a lunch date with Ed and Candice.   We hadn't seen them in a couple of years and they drove over from Orlando.  It was our first time at St. Augustine and it is a neat place to see.  The narrow streets, the Spanish heritage and the history make it a  very interesting place.
We had lunch at the Columbia Restaurant and spent a long time talking and catching up.
Our time together was too short before we said our goodbyes.  We took the long way back to the car and saw some more of the city.

We had dinner back at the RV and fixed some snacks to take to the New Years Eve Concert at the campground.  The Allegheny Sting Band played.  They were REALLY good.  They are a family band with Joe and Mary on the fiddle (and banjo and mandolin) with Beth on the guitar (and mandolin).  Dad (Peter) plays the bass but I didn't get the right angle to get him in the pictures.
These kids are amazing!  Joe and Mary have taken violin lessons for a few years but each taught themselves to play the banjo (Joe) and mandolin (Mary).   They have been together as a group about four years.
They have played at a lot of RV campgrounds, especially in the mid-Atlantic and southeast.  If you want to book them, contact their manager Jackie (mom) here.  You can also check them out on YouTube.

Saturday we went over to the pancake breakfast and enjoyed meeting some couples.  We appreciated the effort folks put in here to keep make this a 'happening' campground.  
It was fun and a little later we went out to Trident Lakes Golf Course.  The great thing about this was that we only had to pay for the cart ($12 each).  Because we are staying on base at the campground, green fees were free!
It was a warm and beautiful 75 degree day.  The course was in great shape with bermuda fairways and rough (hence the dormant look) and very white sand traps.   

A highlight there was meeting Mike and Milly who are from Raleigh, NC.  We joined up with them on the back time and had a good time getting to know them.  They run the Swinging Golfers Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) chapter that has a lot of  golf rallies in Florida in the coming weeks.  They are RVers and have a Tiffin Phaeton motor home.

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today.  We appreciate it!


  1. can you save spot #11 for us!..we wish!..what a great looking park!!

  2. My son is stationed at King's Bay Submarine Base! Yay for the USS Maryland (Blue)!

  3. If you have not been there yet, don't St Marys and the historic cemetery.

  4. I really wish we were there with you guys...looks like a great spot...We need to do more traveling in the Southeast...

  5. What do you use to connect your motorhome to you toad? Have you checked all the connections and tighten all the screws in the cable if you use a cable? Is there a good, solid ground between the motorhome and the toad? Is it in the cable?
    Hope you're enjoying the open road. I look forward to my retirement.

  6. Love the new colors on your blog and the picture. I am looking for a new picture of us or our rig for my header. I think I am going to wait until we get it washed and have someone take a few shots of us in front of it.

    The weather sounds heavenly where you are. We were high of 30' today and back down to 19' for the night.

    Have a great week!

  7. Looks like you've found another great RV park to stay at.

  8. We'll take #11 after bigdawg and freeway leave :-))) That looks like one fine camping spot.

  9. AWww you were in St. Augustine and ya didn't go see Ponce and get some of that Youthful Water???

    You stop there and you are good for another 50 years of RVing with one swallow.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Wow, your posts are just so refreshing, like being there but not. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Dear Roadrunners,
    what an interesting way to enter the New Year! I like the idea of coming around (without having to move house :-) When I was young my parents did a lot of camping with us, (tents), but Husband still is not convinced that 'roadrunning' is THE thing. (He is 1,98m, but I think that is no problem) My plan for this year is that we rent a van for 3 weeks - maybe he'll get hooked... If I need experts, I know whom I can ask! Wish you a good New Year 2011 Britta

  12. Oh I just LOVE St. Augustine... One of my very favorite cities and it is practically in our back yard... OK so it is 200 miles away from us... LOL LOL How far south are you coming into Florida? Have fun!!!
    Travel Safe