Saturday, January 15, 2011

Roadrunner Financials - December 2010

Roadrunner Recap
We spent almost the whole month at one of our favorite campsites:  Dam Neck 'Sea Mist' military campground in Virginia Beach.  The biggest event was the snow storm there and our first experience in really cold temperatures in the Roadrunner.  I got down in the 20's a few nights and we learned how to keep our water lines from freezing.  And there was 8 inches of snow on the ground.  We were going to head south after Christmas but had to delay a couple of days for the snow and ice to melt off the roads.

Good News Areas We Are Under Budget
Three items look pretty good in the budget for this month:  we were under by $168 in diesel fuel, spent $0 in RV maintenance and were $226 under in campground fees.  We budget $25 a night for a campground stay.

Biggest Expenses
Eating out is one of those things we don't quite have a handle on.  I budget a modest $100 but we overran that by about $20.  

Large One Time Cost Item
No big cost items again this month.

Monthly Average
We are running over budget here in the second year of our journey.  Our budget year begins in June, so this would be sixth month of Year 2.  Our monthly average is a little over $4,300. We had a big month in September when we had new day/night shades put in and got some woodwork/remodeling done removing the gas oven.  We also had a new storage drawer and cabinets put in under the gas stove top and a new cabinet put in the bedroom where the old deep TV was.  That was over a $9,000 month which accounts largely for our continued months of being over budget.

Thanks for joining us on another look at the budget.  One of the areas of freedom we gain is insight in where our money is going.  It gives us confidence to know where we stand.  We can plan and adjust.  

Until next time...

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