Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wrapping It Up

Today was the final work day of NOMADS Project #9 - Pontiac, IL. We began the day with devotions as we have done every day, followed by song and prayer. Today was a special day with Communion as well.

Then we hit the remaining projects in the Evenglow Inn. We had to do touch up work on some door frames. We also had to paint a resident's room and finish up a few baseboards. In the afternoon we painted cabinets, cleaned up the paint and brushes (Pam with George our leader here) and called it a day.
Our normal schedule calls for us to eat lunch in the cafeteria. (We actually go through the line and get an excellent array of menu items including ice cream for dessert.) Today we were told to report a little early and the CEO and senior staff (shown below) had some nice words for us in the dining room along with a gift and card. It was very nice.
One thing about volunteering for NOMADS -- the staff and residents have gone out of their way to say thank you and let us know we are appreciated. It is very nice. When we were working for a living it was not always that way. Why is that?

We have learned a bunch in a short time here. It has been a great experience and it was all we had hoped for and more. The fellowship, friendships, sense of purpose and calling we experienced here, have made it a very memorable time. We feel like we have a lot to learn and are well-suited for this type of work and look forward to the next one.

It is hard to say goodbye and to soften the effects, we met at the local Dairy Queen for one last gathering. Already we are planning to see George and Rubye next year at Evenglow. We also hope to join Joe and Fran at Galveston, TX next spring. Some had to leave last week and we really missed them. But we hope to see Judy in Tuscon in the winter and I'm sure we'll run into John and Kitty down the road too.

So that all for now and this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles. Tomorrow bright and early its off to Port Huron MI to see Adam and Meghan. Thanks for checking in.

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