Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Golf in Croswell

We had a great couple of days with Bill and Marg and Meghan. They came over from Petrolia, Canada about 50 miles away. They stayed at the Lakeview Hills Golf Resort in Lexington, MI (about 3 miles from Adam's place in Croswell, MI) and we played a couple of rounds of golf.On Sunday afternoon Bill & I played the South Course. It is a par 72 (69.2 rating/slope119--for you golf enthusiasts). We were all smiles in the pro shop...and then ran into a mix of weather.
The mix was mostly rain and drizzle. It cleared up enough to still be an enjoyable time. As my friend Gil once said, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment". I put on my rain pants and jacket a couple of times, but only for a couple of minutes each.

Afterward - we headed to the local Dairy Queen. It was a bit cool but the ice cream and sundays were great.
We had a tee time for 0915 Monday morning. I forgot my computer clock was an hour behind and a leisurely morning turned into a panic about 10 minutes before nine when Adam came over and asked if we were playing golf today-- Yikes! We got over to the course and were able to tee off only a little bit late...

Pam and Marg joined us- Pam played and Marg kept score. We played the North Course which was a short par 72, only 5646 yards (68.8 rating/128 slope). It was a lot more challenging: more water, more trees, more deep heather, more narrow fairways and a lot of short doglegs.
But it was mostly sunny, breezy at times and a wonderful day for golf. Adam and Meghan even bought a bucket of balls and hit the driving range for a while. We saw them at the turn before we headed out on the back nine.

We finished after 1:00 and had lunch at the A&W Root Beer stand in Lexington. It was one of the best I have been to in years.A cold mug of root beer on a warm day in the Upper MidWest...nice! We then retreated back to our RV in the front yard of Adam's house before the Bakers headed back over the border to Canada. It was nice of them to make the trip and we had a great time.

It was the first time for Pam to play golf since Feb and she had a respectable 54-47=101. I shot 82 and an 84. We hope to play some more in the next few weeks.

Thanks for checking in on this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles! Can you believe July is about done? Be safe! Or as my daughter Kelly loves me to say, "Bamo!"

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