Friday, July 10, 2009

NOMADS Week Two.

Gotta love a four day work week. Yesterday we finished up our second week volunteering at Evenglow Lodge with the NOMADS. The last couple of days we have been painting a hallway, a couple of vacant residents' rooms and repainting some public bathrooms.The NOMADS team is a great group. Not only are they hard workers, we all get along great and do things together. Each week we have had game night at George and Rubeye's.Here we are Wednesday evening enjoying root beer floats after playing pinnacle and Scattergories. This is new to Pam and I since we haven't played many table games over the years. If was fun.

Each week we have picked a night to go out to dinner. Last night we went 10 miles up the road to Odell, IL and had dinner at tavern near old Rt 66: Rentz' Tap and Dining. Food & atmosphere was great.
After dinner we went to the local playhouse and saw the youth version of Guys & Dolls. It was a great effort. Lots of lines for those kids to memorize. They did a good job and packed the place out. The local paper- The Daily Leader had some nice things to say.
Our NOMADS team is changing. John and Kitty left after work on Wednesday night. They are headed home to Elgin, IL before flying out to California for a while. They are planning to be at the September NOMADS reunion in Indiana.
This morning Judy is leaving for Cincinnati. She divides here time between there and Tucson, AZ.
They are neat people.
It was sure great meeting you all and safe travels hope to see you again soon.

That about does it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles. I hope you'll check in again for the next edition.

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