Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Radiation Ends!

It was a Banner Day on Monday.

Meghan went to her last radiation treatment. I don't know how millions of others that have had to deal with it but, she is impressive. She is quite a woman of courage and strength! She was diagnosed while in Korea teaching ESL. She returned home to Canada and had a mastectomy in Dec, endured chemo from Jan through May, then finished up radiation.
And Monday was her last day!

Yeah Meghan!

She will go see the doctor at the end of the month about the protocol for the next year. Meanwhile, she is pursuing a post graduate credential in nursing and boning up for her final exam in Physiology on Saturday.

We left Croswell MI and drove to the hospital in London, Ontario. I love the drive. Ontario in parts reminds me of Europe. We got there a little early and went to the local WalMart and Costco. Both are pretty much the same although some of their product line varies.
After killing some time we headed over to the hospital for her appointment. The hospital was very nice and quite busy.
They had complimentary coffee and internet available for family and friends in the waiting area. Very nice. The visit was a routine treatment and a bit sad. Meghan had made a number of friends on staff and among patients during the last 9 months and it was time to say good bye.
Afterward, we celebrated with lunch at the local Korea/Sushi restaurant. It was very good.

I want to say Thanks and Thank You So Much to all who have had an interest and followed up with her treatment and asked me how she is doing and have prayed for Meghan and her family for the past year. We still have a ways to go and are waiting for a verdict/prognosis/clean bill of health. But your support has been important and we all appreciate it.

After lunch, we took Meghan back to her home in Petrolia, Canada then hustled back across the border to Croswell. We had a dinner engagement back at Hamilton's later that evening.

It has been another busy week for us with more to follow!

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  1. Yippeeee!!!!!!
    Thanks Mr.& Mrs. Warner!
    Double thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes ;)