Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Slow Monday

It was a pretty slow Monday at the Allegro Campground and we spent most of the day inside the Roadrunner. I tried out our new recliner and we both did some reading. I spent a good portion of the day behind the computer.We are waiting to get into the paint/body shop Service Bay and have to just 'wait for the call'. It is a steady process but you never know when you are going to get in unless they call and tell you.

It was cool and dreary with a little bit of misty rain scattered throughout the day. About mid-morning, I wandered over to the Service Bays and watched some work getting done.Over in the mechanical bay, they had an RV high in the air so they could work on the engine. That is one of the few services bays that are roped off and customers are not allowed into. The welding area is the other one. Meanwhile, customers can wander through the other 49 bays and check things out.
A service technician was on top of an RV looking for a leak. In another bay they had the whole slide out on its side. I'm glad we haven't had those issues. I also saw a couple rigs that were having their windshields replaced.

It looked like they had a ways to go in the paint/body service area so I went over to the laundry room for a picture. Pretty nice set up for $.75 a load.
The parts store (their version of Camping World) is right next door, so I looked through there to see if there was something we couldn't do without.
Nope - I didn't see anything although it is a very well stocked store. I already picked up some extra windshield blades.

I went back to the Roadrunner and we had soup and a sandwich for lunch. Pam made some phone calls to USAA. They have opened up their membership to any veteran who qualifies so we can pass that info along to Joan & Mike. He was in the Army years ago. USAA has some excellent Auto and Home insurance rates.

I checked out their RV insurance and they use Progressive. I found a better situation at Miller RV insurance who are highly recommended by Howard and Linda Payne at RV-Dreams. (They have a link on the right side of their website).

We only have a couple of things left:
- install a new credenza with cabinets and
- install a new ceiling fan in the bedroom.
Both of these are after hours jobs and it always is a bit 'iffy'. Sometimes the guys get behind and just can't get to it on our timeline. We will see how it looks today and give them a call.

We 'got the call' about 2:20 PM and will be at Service Bay #20 at 7:15. The weather forecast says it is supposed to be rainy all day which means we will likely spend some time in the Customer Service Lounge and get some more reading done.

Hope you are having a good week but before I go, I want to say Welcome! to our newest Followers:
Randy and Terry

Thanks to them and to you all for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Randy and Pam, the weather is the same here in Louisiana - rain, rain, rain; but that is our winter. Instead of snow, we have rain. Dan and I worked at the Salvation Army yesterday to get the presents for the children ready. We will go back again Friday of this week and then everyday of next week. Dan was supposed to play golf today, but they would have had to wade water. He was bummed. Sounds like you all need lots of reading material. Hope you have found some good books. I would suggest "The Living Water." Dan and La Juana Handschin

  2. That service shop looks like it would be a very interesting place to hang around for a day or so. I'd really like to see that. Sounds like you'll be all fixed up soon and ready to roll - enjoy your reading time!

  3. Looks like you are staying busy in Red Bay and progressing with your repairs. I know you are excited about the new and remodled items. I look forward to seeing the completed project.

    Stay dry...Camp Red Bay is no fun in the mud. LOL