Thursday, December 10, 2009

Learning Lots in Texas

We are in Day 2 of our four day trip from Red Bay to Tucson. It was a bit cold last night but the generator kept the heater running and we were quite comfortable.

Before Pam got into the shower, she noticed some frost on the top of the skylight.

We got underway about 8:00 AM and I drove until we passed across the Louisana/Texas state line. We stopped at a nice Texas Visitor Center to walk around and to change drivers.
Pam drove almost 5 hours yesterday which was her longest one day total yet. As always she did well and I was able to do more work (for pay) online. Sadly, no time yesterday for any siestas...

It was another beautiful day. It was still cool--never got above the low 50's.Yesterday I was going to show you how far we went, but didn't know how to do a Screen Capture on Pam's iMac. But Rick knows how to do that and offered his help in Comments to yesterday's Roadrunner Chronicles.

Rick has a great blog of his own and he is good at explaining things. I especially like his brief, easy to follow tutorials on:
- Mifi and broadband
- How to beat the 5GB limit (resizing photos)
- Sony bookreader and the Kindle 2
There are plenty of others too, I just highlighted a few.
Plus he is a good photographer and takes some great pictures. You might want give Rick and Paulettes RV Travels a look.

Back to our travels:
Here is what our first Day and 393 miles (Red Bay Alabama to Ruston, Louisiana) looked like.
Day 2 we went 478 miles (Ruston, Louisiana to Sweetwater, Texas).
We ended up in Sweetwater and parked overnight in the Walmart parking lot. It was still a pretty nice day outside when we stopped about 4:30 PM.

Then uh oh....

Pam checked the Honda and the battery was dead. Thankfully we had some long jumper cables courtesy of my brother-in-law Mike. He gave us a set a few days ago.
Basically he saved our bacon. We were able to charge the car and re-look at our procedures for getting the toad set up. I think we turned the key to the #2 position instead of the number #1 ACC position and drained the battery. We are learning... We may also need to pull the radio fuse.

We left the Honda charging for a while and it checked out fine. Later, we had cordon bleu, mashed potatoes and a salad for dinner. I did a little more work online and Pam watched some football. How about those Browns!

We were pretty whupped so we went to bed around 9:30. We have another long day another and we are hoping to make it to Deming, NM.

Thanks once again for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Thanks so much for the mention in your blog today, Randy, that was very nice of you. Those maps sure do make a difference - I love seeing the routes and towns people go through on their travels. Hopefully, this cold snap will be over soon and the warm weather will return.

  2. You guys are staying on track really well. Looks like the trip is going good. Travel safe and settle in for a great holiday with the kids.

  3. Trivia – the former Mayor of Sweetwater is a friend of ours.

  4. Randy & Pam,

    On back to back travel days where the toad (Honda Element) is not unhitched, after running the transmission protocol, I have a four-point check that has stopped me from finding a dead battery.

    I checked these four things, and I am ready to go:
    Radio Off
    A/C & Blower Off
    Parking Brake Off
    Key in Number One Position

    I then close and lock the door with another key. Have not used the long cable in quite a while.