Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Work on the Roadrunner

We waited most of the morning for a Tiffin Service Bay to open up in the Mechanics area. Nothing was happening so finally about 11:00 AM I went over and talked to them. If they were not going to get to me today, I wanted to get some work done over at Bay Diesel.

As it turned out, that is what we did. A little after 12:00 PM I drove over to Bay Diesel.
The previous owner did a good job of changing the oil and filters but I don't think any warranty maintenance had been done. We got all that caught up with a 30,000 mile warranty list of items. It included M3 chassis maintenance, service transmission and fluids & filters replacement. I also had them flush and fill the antifreeze coolant.

While that was being done, Pam and drove back to the Tiffin factory and looked at three new rigs that rolled off the line.

The first one was an 38' Allegro with bunk beds. It looked like a nice family motorhome.Next, we went through an Allegro Bus.
It was a 43' model with a rear bathroom and a front galley. Definitely nice and a top of the line luxury model.

Next, we went through a Zephyr. It was nice also but not that much nicer than the Allegro Bus.
And it costs a couple $100K more...?

The Tiffin Company corporate offices are across the street from the assembly plant so we went over just to see it.
The ladies in front were very nice. Bob Tiffin and his sons were out. He invites anyone to stop by and also gives out his cell phone number. His reputation for customer service is unmatched in the industry.

We drove around the little town of Red Bay and went back to Bay Diesel. We waited in their nice customer lounge and watched some golf.

We returned to the Allegro Campground and parked it for the night. After dinner we arranged for two guys to take out one sofa and then move the one from the DS to the PS. We may be able to get a Lazy Boy over the weekend. We will have to see.
Right now it is really cold--outside it says 29 degrees. Brrr! But inside the Roadrunner it is great. These motorhomes are built well and the heater is running well.

Hope this finds you well and warm too! That wraps up another day for us and the Roadrunner Chronicles. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You have a nice Blog Randy! Interesting stuff and you don't show a bunch of pictures of FOOD. I like that,,,good job!!

  2. Nice pics of the different Tiffin MH's, Randy. Thanks for the tour.

  3. Nice amount of detail. You're having too much fun.

  4. Those MH's with the bunk beds are sure a nice thing if you travel with a family. Enjoyed the tour of the new rigs. Thanks.