Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Red Bay to Grambling State University

Yesterday was a travel day and a lot of fun. As an RV full-timer, I love the driving, the camping, the new places--the whole thing. Today I thought I'd share some pictures of a couple places we stopped along the way.

Google Maps says we drove 393 miles. I'd show you our trip but I don't know how to do a Screen Capture yet on this Mac...I can't wait for the kids to join us in the next few days so I can learn! :)

But I digress...

Before we left the Allegro Campground in Red Bay, AL we had to stop by the Parts Store which opened at 8:00. I picked up three nickel knobs for our new cabinet doors under the new credenza. Then we were on our way.
It was a gorgeous and cool day to travel. It was bright and sunny for the whole day. My outside temperature gauge says it got up to 59 degrees but it seemed about 10 degrees colder.

We traveled south on Meridan, MS, then west on I-20 toward Ruston, LA.I drove until lunch time. About 11:15 ish we looked for a Rest Stop but the one we were aiming for was closed. Not too far down the road we saw a little truck stop in Scooba, AL. I went inside to use the facilities and to stretch my legs.

It was a pretty busy place for lunch so I snapped a few pictures.
You can see we parked along side of some big rigs.

Meanwhile, Pam made some ham and cheese sandwiches. After lunch, Pam drove and I jumped into the recliner to give it an "Ops Check". I wanted to see how it worked for a siesta.
As you can imagine, it worked great! Nothing like a 21 minute power nap! Pam continued driving while I did some online work.

Later in the afternoon, we passed the Mississippi River again and I tried to take a few pictures.The road wasn't quite high enough for some great shots, but I find the Mighty Mississippi always interesting.

Pam drove for most of the afternoon before we pulled into a crowded Rest Stop and changed drivers.
About 4:00 we started looking for the Walmart in Monroe, LA. When we got there we found the sign 'No trucks Allowed'. So we continued down the road to Ruston, LA - another 30 minutes. We found the Walmart and parked in a decent spot behind a fuel truck.
Ruston is located five miles from Grambling State University. Former Super Bowl XXII MVP Doug Williams is a Grambling State University alumni and the current head football coach.

We did a bit of grocery shopping at Walmart, then had dinner. Tortellini and french bread hit the spot!

I did some more online work while Pam read. We fired up the generator and kept the heat going since it is hovering around 32 at night in these parts.

We had a nice sunset I wanted to share with you. Something about the sun bouncing off the clouds that are majestic, no matter what 'campsite' you are in.
That's all for today's Roadrunner Chronicles--thanks very much for viewing! Tomorrow the Roadrunner heads west for Texas...


  1. We have a few college students online from Connecticut College and we love your blog postings, so well add your rss or news feed for them, Thanks and please post us and leave a comment back and well link to you. Thanks Jen , BlogCalifornia State University San Bernardino

  2. It's great that Pam drives the rig to give you a break sometimes. I'm afraid I'll always be the designated driver of our truck and 5'er! To do a screen capture with a Mac of the entire desktop, just press Command-Shift-3. For a portion of the desktop, press Command-Shift-4 and a cross-hairs cursor will appear allowing you to select whatever portion of the screen you want. The file will be saved to your desktop - and, maybe to Picasa but I'm not sure about that on the Mac.

  3. Hey Pam & Randy, just wondering if you will be stopping in New Mex. on your way to Az.
    We have finally gotten settled in the house here. What a job! Then we lossed our little dog, Rahma, so that was not a good Thanksgiving. Anyway have a nice Christmas and keep in touch.
    Judy and Bob Schmader