Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Roadrunner at Red Bay

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Yesterday we left our 'Yogi On the Lake' campground east of Jackson, MS.
We stayed one night for $26 and thought it was well worth it.We were near the showers and washrooms which were among the best we have seen.
We continued pushing to get to Red Bay, Alabama and arrived early in the afternoon. We checked into the Tiffin Allegro Service Park otherwise known as Tiffin's 'Camp Red Bay'.Our appointment is for Thursday but they may get us in Wednesday afternoon. We checked in, turned in our 'fix list' and went over to Custom RV. This is a new facility about 5 miles from Red Bay.
Brannon is a young guy that has a booming business. He is booked for the next three weeks. We discussed getting a residential refrigerator, new gauges for our holding tanks, and a ceiling fan installed in our bedroom.

We are scheduled for work in January at Quartzite Arizona and will return here in April to get the refrigerator installed.

We went to the local grocery store for a couple of items.
Then we went over to Belmont, MS about 5 miles away, to the Tiffin Paint shop.
It is a huge, new facility that is very impressive.It was after hours but is open 24/7 and we were able to wander around and check things out.

Next, we came back to the Roadrunner for a nice catfish dinner. After we finished, we had Chris Berry come by and discuss some furniture ideas. We are going to move the DS sofa over to the PS and then have Chris make a credenza and a computer table. He is going to give us an estimate and then we will have to find out when we will be able to we get into one of the Tiffin service bays.

We are excited to be here and are looking forward to getting some new things done. And learning a lot! We have already learned a bunch of new things by talking with Brannon and Chris.

That bring this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles to a close. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yes, you have arrived in Red Bay. Small town, but one place you have to hold on to your pocketbook. LOL

    Love your thoughts about the upgrades! Pam will love the fridge. Hope the work in the bay goes well.

    By the way, Glenn and Sylvia Avery are in space 18. Tell them we said Hello.

    Did you get the catfish from Swamp Johns? If not, great place to eat. Also, the Pizza at the gas station across the street is good.

    Have fun at Camp Red Bay.

  2. Hey guys,
    Haven't heard from you all in awhile. Glad you made it to Red Bay safely and are getting your punch list taken care of. You all take care and enjoy your stay at Camp Red Bay.

    Mike and Gerri