Monday, December 14, 2009

Desert Trails and Ice

It was Sunday morning but didnt't seem like a Sunday. Maybe because we traveled on Saturday. We didn't make any specific plans for church so didn't get to one here in Tuscon. Instead, we downloaded a recent sermon from McLean Bible Church and went to the Roadrunner Chapel :). We like Pastor Lon Solomon's clear, challenging messages.

After that we went for a hike. We are parked near the desert. I mean RIGHT near the desert. The owner of the Desert Trails RV Park has done a great job of maintaining the trails and putting up helpful signs and markers.

The trails begin near the horseshoe pits and we followed another hiker for a while. We came to a fork in the trail and took the Coyote Loop. There are a couple of places where one can sit and see the beauty. I will bet the sunset has been viewed along here a time or two.It was a cool but very comfortable hike. On the paths we chose, we probably hiked for about 1 1/2 miles. The terrain was easy to walk and a great way to see the scenery and get some exercise.
Along the way there are some great little markers identifying the desert plants. Here is a young saguaro cactus, a cholla cactus, a chain fruit cholla cactus and an Indian tea (Mormon tea) bush.

Here's a full grown saguaro.
What an interesting plant.

After about a mile we turned back onto the Old Indian Path. The Staghorn Cholla, Cresote Bush and the trailhead where the North Trail and Old Indian Trail split. Next time we may go out to the West Trail or maybe the North Trail head. We will see.The refrigerator has been waiting for a long time to get defrosted so we tackled that. It only took about an hour.Keeping it defrosted will help the cooling and make it more efficient. Next, we headed out to get Pam a haircut, and to go do some grocery shopping.

When we returned, I got a haircut and we had another great dinner. I am sure glad Pam likes to cook. After dinner, I went over to the activities center with my work laptop and finished up some work. By the time I got back, Pam was almost done watching Bing Crosby in 'White Christmas. After that was done we went to bed.

I hope your week is off to a great start. I am still hoping to hit 100 Followers by the end of the year so if you have been thinking about signing up and haven't done so, why not do that today?

And thanks for the hundreds of you all that are regular viewers and keep coming back for more of the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. We LOVE Desert Trails RV!! We stayed there for 2 weeks in March of this year and enjoyed every minute. We also have very good friends who winter there each year, Russ & Pat. Their site is near the mini golf area.


  2. Ya fooled me!! When I saw your blog title on my sidebar saying "Desert Trails and Ice", I immediately thought "oh, oh" - doesn't sound good. Defrosting a fridge? I'm thinking you planned that, Randy! Thanks for the great tour and pics of this nice looking RV Park. We might be staying in Tucson during our upcoming travels so we'll be sure to look this place up.

  3. I loved your photo of the saguaro. They are the best part of desert scenery. Very interesting cactus. Enjoy the desert climate.

  4. Remember - no one touches the Shaqtus....