Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Weekend in Tennessee

As full-timers, we have the freedom to hit the road and travel 350 miles to see family. It is one of the best things about this lifestyle.

And that is just what we did on Friday. We left the Roadrunner in Red Bay, AL and drove to Maynardville, TN which is about 25 miles north of Knoxville. We stayed with Joan and Mike, Pam's sister and brother in law.

At least one time during our stay, Mike and I usually get up early and go have breakfast. My favorite has become 33 Diner in Maynardville. We were there before the sun came up. The snow was coming down hard by that time. Buddy, this is a pure Tennessee local restaurant. The ladies behind the counter were nice enough to let me take a picture. The food is great and the price is right. Plus it is just a fun place to eat. You should try it when you get the chance.

Back at Joan and Mike's, the snow had covered the lawn but let up after about an hour. We came back to the house and planned out the day. Later we went over to see Pam and Joan's daddy in Clinton. He had some snow at his place also. He is doing fine and it was good to see him for a little while.

Next, we drove into Knoxville and went to the local LazyBoy furniture store. We found a recliner that was a floor model but they wouldn't sell it to us. We would have to wait a week or so for them to get one in. We didn't have that kind of time, and decided to look elsewhere. We found another store and one that was very similar to the one we liked.
The recliner was $200 less at Knoxville Furniture Warehouse. The back comes off like the LazyBoy. That is a key feature since we needed to get it home and into the Roadrunner. It was no problem. We were able to put it into Mike's Jeep and then into our Honda for the trip back to Red Bay.(I will fast forward here and you can see it in the RV.)

Back to our Saturday afternoon----we went back to Joan and Mike's, then went over to Michelle and Jeremy's for a few minutes. Pam and Michelle chatted while I worked on the blog. :)

Later we had dinner and watched football. We saw a great Alabama - Florida game, then we turned in.

On Sunday morning we had a leisurely breakfast, took some pictures, said our goodbye's and left about 8:00ish. Can you tell it is c-c-cold?We made very good time and avoided some of the wrong turns through Decatur AL that we had going the other way.

Not long after that we were hungry for lunch and found the Steak & Biscuit restaurant in Moulton, AL.
Another great little local place! The Sunday lunch special was $4.99 and there was a lot of good food. Pam had the roast beef and I had the ham. We were able to meet the owner Nancy, her daughter Hope and Jarnell. Nice place, good food.

We had a good lunch, then continued on to Red Bay. It was good to get back to the Roadrunner - Home Sweet Home.

We unpacked the Honda and put the recliner where the DS sofa used to be. It fits fine and we can move it around a bit to recline it fully. I also put away 3 large bags of rags that Jeremy (Michelle's husband) had gotten us. Now I'll have no excuse to keep the RV cleaned and polished!

So that was our fun weekend. It is always great to see family!

Thanks for stopping by the Roadrunner Chronicles! Have a GREAT week!


  1. Looks like you and Pam had a great weekend, It's just 8am as I'm writing this and I haven't had breakfast yet, so you're pics really have me thinking about finding a diner around here!! Looks like a very nice, comfortable recliner - your gain is Lazy-Boy's loss I'd say! Thanks for taking us along on your visit to TN!

  2. Sounds like a fun packed weekend and a bonus of a new recliner too... I want to get rid of our couch and put in 2 recliners but will have to wait till we go back to Florida next winter... Great pictures and the ones of snow were really beautiful... Thanks for sharing your wonderful time with family & friends... Have FUN & Travel Safe

  3. Randy and Pam
    Really nice looking recliner and it looks so comfortable! Nice new look inside your coach.

    Glad you all had such a good trip to Tennessee. We had wanted to make it to Nashville before Christmas but with this weather we decided to wait till spring.
    Take care,
    Mike and Gerri

  4. The recliner looks great. It sounds like you are working your way right throuh at Red Bay. Hope you are finished soon.