Monday, April 29, 2013

Roadrunner Review: 3 Items under $11

Now and then I come across some low cost things that surprise me.  One I have known about for a long time and I use it almost everyday.  The first two I just recently became acquainted with:  a tabletop computer fan and solar stick lights.

My MacBook is about four years old and gets hot on the bottom of the case.  I put it on a straw hot pad sometimes to give it some air and cool it off.  But I really wasn't satisfied it was doing the job.  We were in MicroCenter a couple of weeks ago and I picked up a 'cooling pad'.
This little jewel has a USB connection for power and works great.  $6.99

The second item we found last week at the Dollar Store.  We will see how well they hold up.
Solar lights.  They are very basic and I have tested them for three days.  So far so good.  $1 each.

And my all-time favorite:  Small camera tripod.
Again I found this at MicroCenter about 4 years ago.
I usually keep the tripod on the camera and slip it into my back pocket.  When I shoot a picture, the tripod make a good handle to steady the small camera.
At $1.99 the tripod makes a great gift.  If someone expresses interest in it when I am taking pictures, I usually give it to them.  I bought a bunch of them and love to give them away.  Try me!

So there are 3 gadgets I am liking for under $11!

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Hope you have a great week.  Until next time...


  1. Please tell us about the fireplace. Certainly looks like that would keep you cozy on those cold days/nights and saves a bunch on propane cost.

  2. Couldn't make it during the summer without my laptop cooling pad. Amazing how good they work. Jim also has one of those small tripods (works great when we remember to take it with us).

  3. Love the little tripod. We have been wanting to get one similar but anywhere we have looked they have had a much larger price tag on them. We will have to keep our eyes open for a MircoCenter.


  4. That little tripod looks neat and we enjoy our fireplace heater as well on those cold days.

  5. I like the little tripod. Bought a cheap one & it fall apart, it was too cheap. ;-) I've been using a cooling pad for years. They really do help, but I've neglected using it recently. My laptop overheated & went black! Uh oh, but fortunately, it revived & now I use the cooling pad like religion!

    1. Yes - I always use mine now too. Kind of like backing up my files.