Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Projects Around the House...

While we have been in Virginia Beach for the past 10 days, we have gotten involved with a few projects at Kelly and Jon's house.

The first one we got to do was a large shelf in the garage.  They wanted some fairly deep ones (like 12" deep) and wanted it to go from the floor to the ceiling.

First - a little planning and figuring out where it was going to go.  Took a few measurements.
Next - Off to Home Depot for materials.
 Then back to work and more measuring and ciphering...
And then, after leveling and securing the shelves to the wall and a few hours later - the finished product.
The next day we moved on to more shelving in the shed.
The house they moved into has a new shed that is great!  The shed is very well built, just no shelves.  So in the shed, we followed the same process:  planning, getting building materials, building and putting it together.

And we have more shelves to build.  We are just getting started. There will be more to follow on the shelving.

Next - we got to spend a few days in Washington DC.  We wanted to go see #1 son Adam on his birthday (Saturday).  While there, we stayed with some friends including Jeff and Tiffany.  We asked if we could do a project and she suggested a shelve where a medicine cabinet was located.
 We picked up some materials and had it done fairly quickly.
Except for the caulking and final painting.

Then, when we returned to Virginia Beach, we got back in time to help with the new brick walkway beside the shed.
The bricks were reused from lining around the flower beds.

We love projects and are about to head out to continue with shelving and painting.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Hope you have a great week.

Until next time...


  1. You guys learned a lot of good to know skills helping others. Nice to see you can visit family and do wonderful things for them. My place could stand to have a few things fixed, but I have no useful skills. Perhaps you can drop by next Winter:)

  2. I'm sure your relatives are grateful for the nice help you offered. All the projects look good.