Saturday, May 4, 2013

On To Tennessee

We spent about three weeks in Virginia and left yesterday for Tennessee.  The plan was to take it fairly easy and break the trip up into two days.   We figured we would stop in a Walmart for the night in Hickory, NC or maybe Marion, NC - outside of Asheville.

But we got an early start and left our campground a little after 7:30 and made good time.  It was only about 3:00 when was passed Marion, NC so we decided to continue on and drive all the way to Maynardville.
We had a bit of a slowdown coming through some construction around Asheville but we got in to Maynardville about 6:00 PM.

Now we don't have to drive through the rain and nasty weather that is supposed to come our way later today.

It was a long day and we drove a little over 550 miles!  But it was a comfortable ride and Pam drove for a couple of hours and I was able to catch a nap.

Looking back over our time the last month - we had a wonderful time.  We got to see our kids, some friends from Fairfax VA days and we felt like we helped Kelly and Jon with some things around their house.

We will be here in Tennessee for about a week, then on to a Habitat Disaster Relief Build in Tuscaloosa, AL in the middle of the month.  Then on to Red Bay, AL for some repairs and yearly maintenance on the Roadrunner before we head to Texas.

That it for today's update from the great state of Tennessee!  Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. 550 miles in a day would have killed us for sure! In fact, we'd be pooped doing it in two days. How was I40 along that route?

    1. I was surprised how busy I-40 was. It was pretty intense most of the way. We had one slow down west of Asheville but otherwise we moved along pretty well.

  2. Kind of like we travel. If there is still daylight why stop if you're if it is a mid destination stop?

    1. That is why we usually do not make reservations when we travel between destinations -- we can play it by ear and leave the options open.