Friday, April 26, 2013

New Friends

Yesterday was the day we scheduled to meet Jim and Linda for lunch.  Bubbas Seafood Restaurant in Virginia Beach is near one of our favorite Starbucks and we were a bit early, so we stopped in to say 'hi' to our friend Nikos.

Nik was not at Starbucks but we got into a conversation with Amber.  Turns out Amber is the store manager and very nice.  She talked with us for about 15 minutes and we had a great time.  In those few minutes, she tried to buy us a cup of coffee saying, "Are you sure I can't get you a cup of coffee?"…

We didn't want to spoil our lunch so we politely declined.  Amber has been with Starbucks for years and loves the one she is at now.  We found out that her husband is an accomplished jeweler and she was wearing a ring and a necklace he made.
She took off the necklace and we got a better look at the Owl design.  Very different and nice.  I think the stones are black diamonds.  You can see more of his work at

After talking with Amber for a few minutes we went over to Bubbas for our 11:30 lunch date.  Jim and Linda were there and we had a nice visit.

They have been full-timing for 12 years now and are about ready to transition to getting off the road and settling into a place in DeBary Florida.
We selected fish and chowder and crab and a hamburger for lunch and all agreed it was good.  We have been to the restaurant for dinner but this was far less crowded and quite nice.

We talked and talked and asked Jim and Linda about their experiences over the years.  They have been to Alaska, owned 3 or 4 motorhomes and their favorite place is:  "Their next stop".  So they have enjoyed it.  They downsized to a Class B and are spending the summer/fall on the road before they head to their new (to them) home in Florida in November.

We asked when and why they made the decision to 'hang up their keys' and they said to each other, when the time came and one of them was ready to do something else - the other would agree.  So a few months ago, Jim felt it was about that time and he was ready, so that is what they did.

We also found out we are both big fans of and have been to some of their rallies.  Pam and I attended one in Kerrville TX.  Jim and Linda have been to quite a few more although they missed that one.  And they may attend the one in Franklin, TN October 3-8, 2013.

It was fun unexpectedly meeting Amber and then gettting together with Jim and Linda.  Their blog is 'Blaines Barks'.  You can find more about them there.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Hope you have a great weekend.  Until next time...


  1. It was great meeting both of you and getting to know you.

    Safe travels wherever the road may take you.

  2. Always fun to meet people and make new friends. That necklace looked beautiful. Safe travels.

  3. Always great to visit with friends!!!!

  4. What a fun day. I looked at the jewelery site, nice work!