Sunday, June 7, 2009

Korean BBQ

Earlier in the week, Adam and Meghan met us at the Golden Honey Pot Korean BBQ restuarant. Intae and Lollie Kim were at the Open House and were also able to join us! They have been long time friends since we met in the mid 1980's while stationed in Hawaii together.
The two women in my life:
I love this picture:Pam and I started our fascination with Korea when were were station at Kunsan AB, Korean in 1979, the year we were married. We still have friends there. Now 30 years later, we are enjoying Korean food with Adam and Meghan. Who knew they would meet in 2008 in Seoul Korea, hit it off, and be together for some vegan/vegetarian food Korean style with some of our best friends?
(Meghan is visiting Adam for a few days in Washington D.C. She finished up chemo last month and is looking good. We'll know in the coming weeks what the next steps are and we will keep you posted. Thanks again for you many prayers!)

That's about it for this edition of the The Roadrunner Chronciles~~thanks for checking in and stay tuned!

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