Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 days in Oklahoma City

We had 2 great days in Oklahoma City. We were there to see Kirk & Susan. Kirk and I went to Santa Fe High School together and hooked up again at our 20th reunion many years ago. Since then we have kept in touch. Last May we met them in NYC. This year we stopped by to see them.

We stayed at the Twin Fountains RV Park. Very nice place. Best RV campground we have been in so far. Each site had full hookups and nice laundry & restroom.We arrived a little after noon and went downtown to see the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. It was quite sobering. They have done a very good job of helping us all remember. Another reminder of the unimaginable tragedy man can concoct against man. It made we relive 9/11 all over again except this was there version of it.
Later that night we had dinner at their place and were able to chat with Mandy and Chase. Both their kids are out of school -- very similar to Adam and Kelly. It was great to hear what they are up to.

Kirk belongs to Quail Creek Country Club and Golf Course so we played 18. It was the first time in years that I carried my bag. It was almost 100 degrees by we hit every water jug/water fountain on the course and stayed hydrated. (I still lost 5 pounds.)

Talk about a nice course! It was in excellent shape! I just loved it. It may be my favorite course ever. The beautiful homes lining the fairways were not monstrosities like some expensive courses I have played. They were all different and very well manicured and looked like they were lived in by regular people.... It was just all very impressive.Kirk reminded me that it was the first time we have ever played golf together. I played golf in high school, he played tennis. He got a tennis scholarship in college. He and Chase had an off day, but we still had a nice time. I had an on day with a 78 which was the first time in ages I have broken 80.

Later we went to the Natural History Museum in Norman Oklahoma near Oklahoma University. We also hit McAlister's Deli for some good conversation and a tall glass of ice tea. Then we went to Pearls for dinner. Mandy works there and took good care of us.
Susan is very active in the Methodist Church Volunteers in Missions (VIM) program and is getting ready to take a team to Boliva. This is her 4th trip there over the years. She has been on a lot of those to other places also. Since she recently retired from teaching Spanish at the college level, she is a big asset on work prohject/trips to South America. Plus she is very organized and involved in spreading the word to other churches that want to get involved. We are planning to join them in a VIM work project in Kansas in Sept.

It was a great 2 days seeing those guys. Great friends over the years! Yesterday we hit the road early and drove 600 miles. Today we are driving another four hours to our NOMADs work site in Pontiac IL.

More then on it from the Roadrunner Chronicles. Drop us a note when you get a chance and have a great Sunday!


  1. Sounds, and looks, like you both had a great visit in Oklahoma. 78 - I'm impressed!

  2. Hi Randy & Pam. Sounds like you're living the dream. What is the next major campsite and for how long - just write me out your itinerary for the year. Ran at the Lake Sat and Sunday - sent you some pictures. We've started tailgating after the run rather than going to Silver Diner. Works well. Thanks for doing Road Runner Chronicles. Gil