Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friends at the campground

Kelly's friend Mary was our first sleepover guest. She lives in Annapolis and was able to spend some time with us while her husband Cameron was away for a buddy's wedding. Kelly and Mary were roomates for a while in Chesapeake, VA where Kelly worked. She is a wonderful person and we are her self-proclaimed adoptive parents.
In the last few days we had to take care of some errands and found a reason to stop by our old neighborhood and see Roxanne and Pete. Pete bought our Tacoma pickup with the cracked windshield. Yep - the day Pam washed it and cleaned it top to bottom we noticed a small crack in the windshield. Pete got it taken care of and we dropped off the check (and had some ice cream.) We are going to miss them greatly.We also were able to spend some time with Mike and Sue. They came out for dinner which was great. I cooked some steaks and we celebrated our friendship. They were among the first couples we met in 1992 when we moved to the area.
Later that evening Chris and Judy stopped by. They lived in France for 18 years and we became good friends while at Reston Bible Church. Chris and I would meet weekly for coffee and solve most of the worlds problems (or at least encourage one another on the big ones).

We love seeing people but are not that excited about the goodbye's...

And so ends another edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.
Until next time: Be safe (and as my friend Gil says: Do good!)

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