Monday, May 17, 2010

Yard Work in Canada

Saturday morning we filled up with gas and made the two hour drive to Petrolia.  Along I-94 we had a Mc attack and got a sausage biscuit and a bacon and tomato biscuit.  Most times when we go to McDonalds now we look for Kit and Jerry (NOMADS friends we met in March in Galveston)...but they are in a different part of the country.  We got into a routine of having the daily team meeting and having a quick stop at McDonald's before we got to the job site.

We got to Petrolia about noon and met Marg and Bill outside.  They were with Brad and testing out a new Fiskar weed remover garden/yard tool.  In Canada, pesticides were banned a few years ago and the dandelions are  having a heyday.
It was a beautiful day outside so we spent all afternoon there.  I got the hang of the weed puller and did that for a while.  Brad and Bill went into town on a errand and we enjoyed the afternoon.
Pam and Marg both tried it out while I took the pictures.  A few hours with this thing and they will be gone.  OK ~ it is going to take a while because they have a BIG yard but we could see progress being made...

When Bill got back Brad and I helped him on the planter boxes in the back yard.  He used a leverage bar and hoisted up the side of the box as I slipped in a series of bricks around the edge of the planter.
Now when Bill uses the grass trimmer, the cord will not damage the cedar wood boxes, the cord will hit the bricks instead.

Next we worked on other planter boxes and added trim around the top.  Bill has a lot of tools and he was all set up to make the precision cuts.

And I painted the boards after they were cut.
Then they were put back into place and it looked great.   But I forgot to take a picture of the finish project.

Next, Bill pulled out the new Ryobi rotor tiller attachment.  He took the upper half of his grass trimmer and connected it to the bottom part of the rotor tiller.  And he had another handy tool to dig up the flower beds.
He was up to the task, but it really shakes your arms off.  And jars your teeth... and everything.  But the flower beds will be all ready for some new flowers soon.

By that time we were ready for some of Marg's special hamburgers and Bill cooked them to perfection.
After dinner we returned to Haas Lake RV campground and had a campfire before we called it a day.  It was a great one.  We got to see the Bakers and felt like we helped a bit, got some sunshine and was nice!

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Looks like yard-work was a pretty popular, or at least necessary, pastime this weekend. Sure good of you and Pam to help out the Baker's. My neighbour has one of those dandelion pullers and they do seem to work if you keep at it. Those hamburgers on the bbq sure looked good too!

  2. Looks like it was a busy but productive day! Glad you all were able to help the Bakers with their projects.

    Mike & Gerri

  3. gosh... after reading all that, I am EXHAUSTED!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard