Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picasa, Presentation and Tires

Yesterday it was overcast and in the afternoon it rained pretty hard.  Today it is supposed to do the same, but the rest of the week is forecasted (is that the right way to say it or should it be 'forecast) to be warm and sunny!

I had Saturday's blog queued up and posted it, then I finished writing about Sunday when I learned I was 'unable to load pictures because I exceeded the storage space' --or something to that effect.  I thought the issue was with Autonet Mobile (my internet provider) and I would have to upgrade from the $29/month (1GB) package to the $59 (5GB) data plan.

I sent them an email and later in the day they said, "that is not a notification from us".
Next thing I knew, I was looking around Google and Picasa and Picasa Web albums and found I had filled up my free 100 GB of storage.  Yup, all those photos have really added up.  I haven't quite figured it out yet but I know I need to organize my photos, remove the duplicates and manage it better. That is on my 'To Do' List.  (In fact it has been on that list since I started blogging, but that is another story.)

The good news? is that I found I could buy 80GB more of Picasa photo storage for $20 which is what I did.  Sometimes I have done things like this hoping to fix what ever problem I was having and it didn't fix the problem.  Happily ~ that was the issue, I could upload photos and post them in the blog.

Other than that, I spent most of the day at the Roadrunner Office (at my laptop and desk in the corner of the RV).  I did a lot of work on a presentation (PowerPoint slides) which will be used to tell Meghan's story and how Adam is going to continue completing her list of goals.   (He also continues to post on her blog - the Bees Knees).

In order to capture her story, I started back at the beginning of her posts on The Bees Knees.  She had about 60 posts before she died.  I think I only got about halfway through them and looked at the comments.  I want to capture a few of the quotes from people she helped and / or inspired.  This will take a while, but I am not in any hurry.

As I read more about her and get a sense of what it was like for Meghan, I find my self drawn into contributing my time to her cause and their (Adam and Meghan's) story.  I know Meghan was financially helped some by the Kelly Shires Foundation.  She asked that in lieu of flowers, contributions be made to that charity.  Part of the purpose of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients.

One of the tough effects of breast cancer is that it can totally disrupt one's life while undergoing treatment.  People quit their jobs, give up their volunteering, change school plans and quite often go into debt.  They have no income and the bills keep coming. Even in a country that has national health care.  The Kelly Shires Foundation provides some assistance.  Not a whole lot (if I read it correctly, up to $1000) but still a few hundred dollars can be useful and encouraging to breast cancer patients.

Part of her story is about volunteering and helping people and persuading others to give to the causes she supported like the Kelly Shires Foundation.

While I was on the computer for most of the day, Pam went to the campground laundromat and did the wash.  Then, about mid-afternoon, we decided to take the Pathfinder (Adam's vehicle) in to get the tires rotated at Costco's where we bought the tires.  That took about 90 minutes and it was a good excuse to get out and about.

Later, Pam cooked a great catfish and salmon dinner, we watched Dancing with the Stars and that was it for us on a Monday.  

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles.  And thanks for the comments!


  1. Those pesky picture files can sure add up in a hurry, can't they? Like you, I recently upgraded my Google storage to allow more pics. Thankfully, the cost is extremely reasonable. I really admire you for the work you are doing in helping Adam in his cause of following thru on Meghan's list of goals. Ideas like this often turn out to be of tremendous help to others.

  2. Randy, one thing you might consider doing is downsizing some of the pictures. Perhaps you are already doing this. I'd certainly retain photo's at shot resolution on the computer but pictures shot at say 3M pixels (1.34MB per pic) and reduced to 33% still have plenty of resolution for FB at 84 KB. I think if I were doing what you're doing I'd down load pictures on to DVD
    s like each month - or quarter - as a back up. Enjoying your travels. Cloudy, cold and raining here today. Gil