Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Follow Up and My Brothers

Yesterday was a regular kind of day with not a whole lot going on.   I was going to post some pictures of Wal-Mart where we went grocery shopping but thought better against it...  :)

A highlight had to be going to see our new internal medicine doctor ~ Dr. Yuzon.  She seems very analytical, attentive, concerned and thorough.  My physical three weeks ago showed an abnormal EKG which was followed up by a stress echocardiography last week.  I went to talk to her about the results yesterday.

I know from long ago not to get a false sense of security from good results on stress tests.  How many people do we all know that had issues (like dropping dead) shortly after a stress test that didn't provide any clue?

Besides a left bundle branch block that was identified, there is a need to get to the bottom of this so I will add a followup to the cardiologist to the calendar next week.  As what has become familiar, the cardiologist said on the phone, 'I don't want you to be real concerned about this, we just want to figure out what is going on.  It doesn't look like there is a huge cause for worry."

Ok, good.  I won't.  But I am going to follow through on this and name it and treat it if possible.  There is some abnormality, there is some funny business going on, so let's find it and fix it.  Meanwhile, I feel fine with no symptoms that jump out.  No clogged arteries (at least from what they can tell) no shortness of breath, no weakness etc.

So that was the event of the day.

Except for a nice long call from older brother Marty.  He retired a couple of years ago from the corporate business world after his last stint with Levi Strauss in San Francisco.  He is currently building a Professional Business Coaching practice aimed at helping dentists.

It is interesting to see how he is going about it.  Little by little he is getting there and I have no doubt he will build his business and help folks.  He is already helping some clients.  He is driven and he will succeed.  His business is called, "What is YOUR Pain Point?".

My other brother Reid owns and manages a cleaning business (commercial janitorial) in Albuquerque called:  Environment Control - Albuquerque.  Third brother Brad is an Architect in Fort Worth with Cameron Alread and Associates.

I usually talk with each of them every week or two and recently saw Reid and Brad.  We have always gotten along well and have high respect and love for each other.  So it was good to catch up with Marty for a few minutes.

Pam and I plotted our strategy for a nice day and it looks like we are off later to the Henry Ford Museum in nearby Fairborn, MI.  We are looking forward to some sunny and warm days and the weather folks said some is heading our way.

Hope your week is going well!  And thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Well, you got some nice weather there in Michigan for a few days coming up. We are having it first here in Wisconsin and sending it your way!

    Good luck on all your doc appts and tests and hope you get to the bottom of things and figure it all out.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. I don't blame you at all for wanting to find out as much information as you can about the issue with your heart. It's pretty easy for doctors' to just say "don't worry, it's not a big deal". Well, your heart is a big deal - hope the cardiologist can shed some light on what's going on.

  3. I know from experience that the docs can tell you not to worry all day long, when it's your heart you can't help but be concerned. It's good you are following up on it. They will get to the bottom of it I'm sure. Keep us posted.