Friday, May 7, 2010

Roadrunner Financials - April 2010

In the month of April, we started in Tennessee and were headed for Michigan to be near Adam and Meghan.  She was not doing that well and we thought we better be there for Adam.  We spent a few days with Mike and Joan in Maynardville, TN, then moved on to Wright-Patterson AFB, in Dayton Ohio.  The campground there was a good one with full hookups at $13.14/night.

We also got to see cousin Ron and wife Ginger in Cincinnati as well as new RV friend Judy whom we met in July at our first NOMADS project.  While at Wright-Patterson AFB we also got to renew our friendship with Diane whom we knew back in the 1980's when we were in Hawaii.

We got to Michigan and Haas Lake RV Park in mid-April.  What a terrific campground and good campsites.  This has been one of our favorite spots yet.  We are averaging $21.07/night which is a great price.

Good news are areas where we are under budget- 
We were almost $350 under our diesel budget for the month and traveled from Tennessee to Michigan.  We average right at 8.9 - 9.0 mpg.

Biggest expenses for the month - 
Our biggest cost this month was new tires for the Honda.  We paid $680 for four new ones.  After the wheel balancing and alignment, we got rid of the 'wobble' noise in the car.  We also bought a 4" drop down hitch to make sure the care is being towed level.  The Honda only had 32,000+ on those tires but we needed to get the noise fixed.

Large 'One Time Cost Item(s)' - 
We had the new tires this month.

Monthly average since we started tracking in June 2009 - 
We were not too unhappy with only being $564 over budget since we got new tires.  Had we not gotten those, it would be a different story.  For the first 11 months of being on the road, our Actual Costs Average is $4,161 which is about $800 over.  Quite high.  Year 2 will have to reassess how realistic the budget is.

That is this month's look at Roadrunner Financials.  Thanks for joining us.  Until next time...

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