Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mowers in Maynardville

Joan and Mike live in Maynardville, TN.  It is a small community but Mike is well known in these parts for mowers.  He buys and sells mowers and has done that for many many years.  He is an ace mechanic and can fix just about anything if he has the right part.
He does a lot of looking and trading and repairing.  Saturday morning we hit the road after a stop at McDonald's in Maynardville for a couple of cups of Senior Coffee.  Then we were off through the back roads to Clinton, Tennessee to deliver a mower and pick up two more.
I love driving through the back roads with Mike.  He and I have done that for 30 years -- every since I Pam and I were married and we'd come back to see family.  Today it was a beautiful day and a great day for a drive.

We got to our first destination and unloaded the first one with no issue.  Then we had to be a bit creative to get the two lawn mowers onto the trailer, but we did and were off to our next stop ~ out near Blaine, TN to see Roger. 
Roger has quite a collection.  He has rows and rows of mowers around his property and is known as the 'go to' guy when you need a mower part of any make and model.  Many of his mowers are trade-ins.  And a lot of his mowers he sells for parts.
Roger wanted to do some trading but Mike didn't see any good prospects that jumped out at him, so we dropped off the two mowers and went on to see the next gentlemen.  We went over a couple of hollers and and picked up a mower Mike had bought from him.

With that done, we went back to Mike's and spent the rest of the day around the house.  Kayla and Noah and Michelle came over for a while and Noah and I had a challenging few games of ladder ball.

Later, Pam was not feeling too good so she went to bed early.  Mike and Joan and I watched the last part of the movie, "Midway" and then a couple of episodes of "The Deadliest Catch".  By then it was time to call it a day.

Hope you all are having a great Memorial Day Weekend!  And thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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  1. Ahh the smell of gas, grease and grime! LOL Around here a popular thing among the pre-driving young men, the zoop up riding lawnmowers and have pulling contests, similar to truck or tractor pulls for the big boys!

    Keeps em outta mischief and off the streets!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard