Friday, December 9, 2016

Roadrunner Travels Along the Gulf Coast in December 2016

Today, I describe some of the last few campgrounds we have visited during our short Nov-Dec trip to Florida.  We want to be in Virginia Beach for the holidays and for Brooks' second birthday.  And Harrison's arrival on or about February 5, 2017.

The main goal of our trip was to get away to Florida, get to Red Bay for repairs and then get back to VB by mid December. If you have followed us in the last couple of months, you may know we've also stayed in campgrounds in the Carolinas and Georgia.
Here are some of the places we've stayed in the last few weeks:
We spent a week at Key West and the last few days there at Sigsbee RV Campground (not too far from the Sigsbee Marina on the map).  Our campsite was one row back from the water.  It was nice.
I really love Key West and the military campground makes it completely affordable.  This was our fourth trip there.

From Key West, we traveled north to Cypress National Preserve in the Everglades and stayed at the Midway Campground.
It was a nice overnight stop but we had no cell phone or internet at that location.  This was our third stay there over the years.

From there we moved on to Fort Myers and stayed at the Gulf Waters RV Resort to see friends, Tom, Carol, Bonar and Christa.
This was a very nice place and a 'resort' to be sure.  Our site cost was $64/night.  It gets more pricey in January during peak snowbird times.  It was worth every penny to get to say hi to them and spend some time there.

After two short days, we moved on to Manatee Springs State Park.  This was a bit of a surprise to us but I felt we camp about as close to camping camping as we've been in a while.
We had zero cell phone and internet coverage.  We were in leaves and tall pines and it was an enjoyable reprieve.  It cost us $25.15 per night to camp there.

Next was the best kept secret of our travels in a while.  This campground, Ho-Hum Campground, is 30 miles south of Apalachicola and right on the water.
 A few things were noteworthy:  the entire campground and sites were level and freshly groomed and graded.  I like that.  The view was spectacular. We had a spot on the water.
This is a shot looking back at the RVs facing the water.
Or we thought we did.  They were not expecting us for two more days so we took another site.  It was still pretty great.  Another great thing about this was the $34/night price.

The days are getting colder as we continuing our travels north.  We thought it important to have full hookups so we opted for the Hurlburt Field FamCamp.
It is only a couple of years old and has great level concrete slabs with full hookups.  At $20/night it works out well.

Next we are headed over to Pensacola Naval Air Station (home of the Blue Angels) and two days at Oak Grove RV Campground for a couple of days.

We prefer to stay at places a little longer that two days, but the other side of that is that we get to see more campgrounds and more of Florida.  We are making our way to Red Bay, AL next week for repairs and hope to add another State Capitol to our list.  We'll be stopping in Montgomery to do that before we get to RB.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Nice places you stop along your way. Safe Travels.

  2. Hi guys! Wondering if ya'll remember me???
    I'm wintering ON Pensacola Beach at the PB RV Resort so we're not far apart. Gimme a call while you're in the area! 936 522 6456. Hugs, Carleen Terhune

  3. Thank you for your recommendations! Perhaps one day Tim & I will be able to try these for ourselves. Wishing you safe travels and a blessed Christmas with family!