Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Roadrunner Rewind: Our Camping in Key West

This post falls into the 'Roadrunner Rewind' category because we left Key West a week ago, but I still have more to document so I can remember... so here goes.  Hope you enjoy.

We had no earthly idea when we started RVing and fulltiming 7+ years ago that the benefit of camping at military installations was going to be such a big deal.  It is and we are have taking advantage of that for almost half of our camping.

For the most part, the campground fees are under $25 and the campsites are pretty well taken care of.  In some cases, the location of Key West is the attraction instead of the great campsites.  I thought you might be interested to know what it is like for us to camp at Key West.

Since I retired from the Air Force, we have access to all military base campgrounds.  We've been here to Key West now four different times.  Each time some things are a little different, but for the most part, we can plan on a great area to boondock and a campsite near the water.

Depending of the time of the year, one can expect to be in dry camping for a few days before a full hookup site opens up.  Campers get 14 days on a site with 50/30 amp, water and sewer.  Later in the season like January or February, the wait in the boondocking area may be a couple of weeks or more.

Still -- it is very workable and I really love it there.  We arrived the day before Thanksgiving and were told we might be in the drycamping area 3 or 4 nights because of the holiday and upcoming weekend.

When we arrived we noticed some new changes in the check-in office.  Three years ago, the only place to park and register was on the street.  Since then, thew have created a one way drive way.
We filled up to about 55 gallons in our clear water tank and moved to site 421.  It is a waterfront site.

At Sigsbee, the hundreds of drycamping sites are all marked off.  Years ago, they laid down white lines on the grass to designate the campsite.  It has worked well.
As you can see the sites are fairly spacious and since it wasn't completely full, the front office was locating people at every other site until the last morning when we were packing up to move over to the full hookup area.  Later in the week we drove around again and saw that it was filling up.
The snowbirds were arriving...
Since we were likely going to be there for a few days, I pulled out our Coleman canopy.  I found a better one and decided to set this one up and try to sell it.
To our surprise, we only spent two nights on the waterfront dry camping site before we were notified to move to full hookups at site 66.
The spots are considerably closer but it was still pretty great.  We were one row back from the water.
The view on the front row.

We would have preferred to be on the front row, but this works great too.

RV Camping at Sigsbee is not the only type of camping available.  Every year we visit, we marvel at the hardy camper types who winter in Key West spending their time in tents.  100 yards away from our campsite there are a whole line of tents.
Some are 'double' tents -- ones that connect.  As you can see, there are some Christmas decorations out and some tents had lights strung.  Pretty amazing place to camp.  The showers and laundry building is about 50 feet away.

Some evenings in the campground, you can enjoy sunsets like this:

Here is another take on the campground from a reviewer on
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So there's a brief take on the camping at Sigsbee Campground at Key West.  We love it there and hope to be back sooner than later!

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Key West is the main reason I should have stayed another 16 years in the Air Force!

  2. Do they still have that photo op giant chair by the water?