Monday, December 19, 2016

Back in Virginia Beach for the Holidays

We arrived back in Virginia Beach on Friday about noon.  We drove about four hours from an overnight stop in Selma NC at RVacation.  We called ahead and found out they had propane so we got our tank filled before we checked in and drove over to the campsite.

About the same time we pulled up we noticed a strong odor and thought it might be a gas leak somewhere.  Not to be taken lightly, we checked the stove and the propane tank connections.  The detector was not reacting but we were still uncomfortable with leaving things the way the were without getting someone to check it out.

Fortunately, Terry from Atlantic Coast "Onsite" RV Repair and Service was at the campground.  We called him and he was over at our campsite in a few minutes.  We had all the windows open and the gas line to the three burner stove exposed.  Terry had his sensitive handheld detector and he slowly moved it all around the stove.  No leak.
Next he went outside and checked near the propane tank, the hot water heater and gas furnace.  In each case he came up empty and after about 20 minutes said we definitely did not have a gas leak.  The odor / smell was something else.  That was good news.
He gave us his card and number (919)889-4257.  Now, it has been a few days and we don't have the smell anymore.

We got off I-95 near Emporia and drove through Suffolk en route to the base and our campground.  We got a site on the older section of the campground up against the sand dunes.   We thought a tree next to the pad might pose a problem for our satellite dish but it wasn't.
The next order of business was fill the clear water tank about 1/2 full.  But the water faucet was frozen.  The site next to us was not, so I connected three hoses together to reach over to ours and filled the tank. Then I brought out two mechanics lights to put in the bottom of the wet bay just to keep in warm down there.
Though it got near freezing nothing froze up on us, so we were glad for that.
Can't beat walks on the beach which is right across the dunes from our campground.
We are glad to be back and stay still for a few weeks.  This time though it will be for a few months.  We immediately got into the doctor appointment routine.  I saw the retina specialist again.  Things checked out good.  Next, we got refills on all our prescriptions and got blood work done.  Check check.
Another semi-annual visit to my rheumatologist and that's done for a while.  Eat better, exercise more and we should be in good shape for a while.

Now to finish up the Christmas shopping and enjoy family and that little grandson over the next few days.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles.

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