Thursday, October 30, 2014

Time with Friends in Myrtle Beach

Joining up with friends doesn't happen often, but when it does, we have a great time.  It happened in a big way in Myrtle Beach.  Paul and Bobbi left California on a long RV trip several weeks ago.  We have followed them on their travels back to the East Coast to see the fall colors in New Hampshire.

After that and stops in Indiana and Washington D.C.  We were pleased to find they were in our neighborhood.  It all worked out and they joined us for a four day stay at Myrtle Beach State Park.  They called and got all set up mid afternoon on Saturday at a camp site right across from ours.

Meanwhile, Kirk and Susan were due to fly in to Myrtle Beach on Saturday for some golf and beach time.  They stayed with us in the Roadrunner for our get-together that we planned months ago.

They arrived without incident on Saturday evening in time for all six of us to enjoy the evening together.  We had some fish on the grill and vegetables.
And then we gathered around the campfire and just enjoyed the evening.  It was a great evening to do just that.
But that wasn't all.

Our neighbors at the campsite next to us came over for a minute after we picked up Kirk and Susan at the airport and said, "Didn't realize you had company, but we'd love to have you all over for some South African food tonight."

That was a nice gesture and after the campfire, we stopped over and said hi to Clint and Whitney who were there with their two girls.  Clint is from South Africa and he had invited some of his family and relatives over also.
We got to get a taste of some excellent South African food and meet the group. I had a couple mussels with white rice in a spicy clam sauce.  Pam and Susan had that plus a little bit of potato salad that was great also.

That rounded out a pretty great day.  That might have been a first for us at a campground -- to get together with two sets of old friends and meet new ones all in one evening!  It was a great day.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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