Monday, October 13, 2014

Roadrunner Cleaning Time!

I have wanted to wash and wax/polish the coach for a number of weeks.  But either the weather has not cooperated or we have not been in a good place to get the job done.  But here at the Hurlburt Field Campground, we did.

First order of business was washing the roof and getting a good coat of wax on it.

The roof has been oxidizing and then those while streaks roll off the top down the side of the Roadrunner.

The way I do it is to get both collapsible hoses connected (with a nozzle on one end) and wrap some of the hose around an air conditioner so it doesn't slide off.  Then I get a 5 gallon bucket, a little dish soap and climb up on top.  Next I fill the bucket with some soap, add water and I'm in business.
I always wear my old but good fitting running shoes when I get on top of the roof.  Crocs or sandals seem like a recipe for disaster...

Pam cranks up the digital antenna so I can wash under it and away I go.   It doesn't take too long to do the top.

Next we washed the back, both sides and the front.  By that time (after about an hour and 20 minutes) I had about all the fun I could stand for one day.  The next day I used 'The Solution' which I have used for years.
It puts a shiny gleen on the paint and takes a lot less effort than the standard wax.

Even so, it took me two more 2+ hour episodes to get the whole thing done.
Meanwhile, Pam was having some fun of her own cleaning all the screens.
She systematically removed every window screen in the Roadrunner, and sprayed/wiped them down in the shower.  Then she rinsed it and scrubbed (lightly) each screen with Simple Green.  (Don't know why Simple Green is orange?)

After that, she set them out to dry before the put them back on.
The result:
Its a little hard to tell but you can see the difference in real life.

I also took off the metal grate/screen door protector and Pam cleaned the front screen door too.
So we have a clean coach again and got that job done.
So it wasn't all beach time and golf during our stay.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. clean and shiny! looks beautiful in the sunshine! Now the two of you can least until the next 'to do list' transpires!

  2. I swear every time I clean my motorhome it seems to run so much better. Must make it happy. ;c)

  3. Randy, concerning the roof, are you using a long handled mop and just rinsing so that everything washes over the sides, or are you using a sponge and catching most of the water before it runs over the sides? The reason I ask is this is our first order of business when we get settled in for the winter.

    1. I used a soft bristle brush with a long handle. After I washed it down, I sprayed it off with the hose which caused all the water to spill over and down the sides. Then I let the top dry while I washed the sides and sprayed them off.

  4. We use The Solution for in between our big polishing and wax job. Works great. But, I simi annualy use the polish then wax with our buffer. Tiring, but makes me happy with our shiny coach. Our Bus is a bit older than yours and that is the reason for going to the extra work.

    BUT, if you would love to volunteer, I would gladly allow you to come wash and wax ours - your way!

  5. That is a lot of work:) I found a new way for our little rig-I hire a detail guy and I sit in a chair and watch:)

  6. Do you use The Solution on the roof as well?

  7. You did a great job in attaining that perfectly clean and shiny look of your motorhome! It seems that the product you used is very effective. And Pam also did a good job in cleaning all the screens. What a productive day that was for you. Kudos to you and Pam for crossing this one off your cleaning tasks!

    Blanca Douglas @ SafeClean Ealing