Monday, October 7, 2013

We Love Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove is next door to Monterey CA.  It is like the rest of the Monterey Bay ~ scenic!

We first came upon it two weeks ago when Kirk and Susan came for a visit.   We were headed for 17 mile drive but first took a drive through Pacific Grove along the water.
What a fantastic drive along the coast.
We just took our time.  Front row seat on a bench.  Watching the waves crash into the rocks.  Again and again.
Another day Pam and I took an evening drive along the coast at Pacific Grove.
As you might suspect, we were not the only ones enjoying the evening.
And we took in the sunset from another vantage point.
And yesterday I took a 13 mile bike ride from our campground, downtown through Monterey, Cannery Row and to Pacific Grove.
It definitely is one of my most favorite rides!

And yesterday Pam and I went back to to Pacific Grove to play the 'poor man's Pebble Beach' golf course.  What a fun time that was!
We got to play with Emily and Janine, friends who both raised families here and are each separately involved in the community as Executive Directors of two non-profits - a food bank and the local chapter of Meals on Wheels.

Speaking of meals, I got a picture (above) of Pam eating her sandwich. Here is one of a sea gull eating mine.
The front nine of the course was not that picturesque.  The back nine was a different story.
We enjoyed our time on the course.
And at Pacific Grove.  

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. What a beautiful place that is!! I would have loved to see it...

  2. All your photos are beautiful... but I like the last one the best! We have a golfing friend here in Ohio and one time we were at Pebble Beach we brought him back a card that had the cost of playing golf on the "famous" one.... we did buy him some golf tees with the course name on them...

  3. Really pretty areas you are currently visiting. Both of you look as though you are certainly enjoying this "fulltiming" thing.