Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Moving On From Port Hueneme

We have been in Port Hueneme for two weeks and we'll be heading down to the Riverside area later this morning.

We've liked it here in this area for a lot of reasons.
  • The campground is a good one.
  • Can't beat the weather.  Fall is coming and it has been very pleasant with no rain
  • Our internet and phone service have been good
  • We are near to shopping and places to see, things to do
    • Part of the 'getting settled in' task at each place is figuring out where the grocery store is and what is noteworthy in the area
    • We've seen and gotten to know some of the area: 
      • Places of Interest, Museums and historic places:  Ronald Reagan Library, port and beach at Port Hueneme, Mission at Santa Barbara
      • We visited a couple of swap meets
      • Golf and some good practice
  • Feel like we have gotten some things done:  
    • Planning for the holidays and winter and spring:  where we will be and reservations at campgrounds for the next couple of months
      • Riverside, CA area (San Bernardino, Redlands)
      • Seal Beach (LA area)
      • San Diego
      • Quartzite, AZ
      • Albuquerque, NM
      • Fort Worth, TX
      • Red Bay, AL
      • Maynardville, TN
    • Got caught up on our 'hang out time' and recharged our 'batteries 
      • Don't feel like we are rushed at the moment
      • In between my 'work for pay' P/T job at the moment but getting ready to gear up for it in the next few days
    • Phone session with my brother going through a thought provoking book, sending questions back and forth and then discussing them
    • Cleaned out some long neglected drawers and cupboards
      • Pam repaired the kitchen drawer that was separated
      • I cleaned out a couple of bins and drawers where I have accumulated a lot of junk
    • All caught up on the wash/laundry since it is free here
    • Lots of reading and goal setting:  Steinbeck's East of Eden and my ThinkTQ stuff
    • Regular bike riding and/or trips to the fitness center
    • Made progress on a couple of online courses (primarily since I found a Starbucks with good internet-I'd rather use there's than my mine)
    • Made two trips to the Apple store to figure out some things on iCloud, IOS 7 and 'synching'
This morning the plan is to depart the campground sometime after 8:00 and go fill up the Roadrunner at the gas station on base.  We've already done a site survey to see if we can get the motor home into the pumps.  It will be a tight squeeze.  The height should be fine, clearance is 13'6" and our height is 12'6".  (Do you know what height your RV is?)

Next we will go south to the Riverside area and be there a few weeks before we head down to the San Diego area for Thanksgiving.

Hope you are having a good week.

Thats all from this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles - thanks for joining us!

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