Thursday, October 31, 2013

In Moreno Valley

First of all:  Happy Halloween!
For some reason on this day I always remember this joke:  (suitable for 4 years +)
What did one hot dog say to another?
Happy Halloweenie!

I know this is a fun day for a lot of folks and it seems to me that it is becoming more of a celebration/fun day than it used to be.  And I remember it was Meghan's favorite day of the whole year.  Though I am not one to suit up for it, I can enjoy and smile with those who do!

We left our Port Hueneme campground on Monday about 9:00 or so and went over to the gas station on base before we hooked up.  There was only one diesel pump so we had to wait for our turn.  We inched our way into the lane with over 6" to spare on each side...  So we took it slow and filled up.  Spent $274.23 on tank that was a little less than half full.

I never like drive though busy big city traffic in the middle of the day with a 40' RV towing a car.  But our prayers where answered again and we arrived with no issues.  After four years driving the Roadrunner, I have confidence and love to drive this baby.  It reminds me of using a power tool ~ I like to use them, but I have a healthy respect for them which causes me to focus on being alert cautious.   And I don't want to careless or think the other drivers are always alert.  I don't trust them.

The stress level in busy traffic goes up and it is a bit draining.  We only drove about 130 miles in three hours.  All in all, it wasn't too bad and we got into the base and campground about three hours after we left Port Hueneme.

Our campground at March Air Reserve Base (ARB) in Moreno Valley is fine.  It has been upgraded and we are on a nice site.
There are some things that are so-so but, all in all, it is fine.  We find our campgrounds and the places we stay are usually not exceptional and for the most part have a lot of good things.   Some of the good things about this site are:

  • Flat and level spot
  • Concrete hard stand
  • 50 amp service
  • Very reasonable ($17/night)
  • Flowers! (I have never seen a with space in the middle, but someone planted some petunias which are nice.)
  • Mowed grass
  • Plenty of room between sites.
Some of the impressions of the place have to do with it being a Reserve Air Base (more on that on another post).  It is a small base on what used to be a huge base.  So there is a lot of downsized neighborhoods and empty buildings on base.  We are here for about a week so we can see friends in Redlands, CA (about 25 miles away).

We have spent the last couple of days getting acclimated to the area e.g. finding Post Office (where we picked up our mail), Sam's Club, Walmart, CVS, golf course, commissary, BX

In the last few days, I switched to Blogger+ and shared it.  I am not sure exactly what that does, so I gave it a try.  One thing I noticed was that fewer people commented.  I asked my friend Rick if what I did affected things.  As always, he was very gracious and responded quickly saying (if I understood it correctly) that by changing to Google+ I eliminated spam.  I also only can get comments from Google users.  I am not sure I like that -- forcing readers who want to comment to sign in with a Google+ account.  So I changed back.  We will see how that goes.  If you were affected, my apologies.

Another issue I have been having is not being able to hear incoming phone calls on my iPhone.  About three weeks ago, I changed over to iOS 7.  It is a new look and feel and I am getting more used to it.  I like it except the ring issue.  Another friend (John) offered to help.  He also came through!  In addition to helping me trouble shoot and fix my issue, he  recommended downloading the free iOS 7 user guide.  Here is a link.

Another thing we did yesterday was to call around and make campground reservations for some open dates we had for a few weeks December.  Now we are booked through the end of the year.

Hope you have a memorable and enjoyable Halloween.  Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. Reading your journal makes me want to take our RV out of mothballs and do some trips! It's great following along with you both, thanks for all the energy you put into it.

    Randy & Pam

  2. My husband spent his four years in the air force based at March AFB (SAC command). We lived in Riverside for thirteen years before we decided to move to Washington state. Have fun in the Inland Empire!

  3. I don't want to switch over to Google+ because of the information they wanted. But we may have to in the future.

  4. Oh good, glad you switched back. I could not comment because I'm stubborn like a goat...or mule...or something & I am resisting google+ right now! The campground sounds wonderful. I too don't trust the other driver. And now add cell phones that text to that mix - not a good thing. Happy Halloweenie!!!

  5. I seem to remember being at March some time in my past. Maybe on our way overseas when my Dad was in the AF. Sounds familiar, anyway.

    I love Google, but I swear they are trying to take over the world. I have resisted changing my comments to Google+ for the same reason. I like comments and don't want to force anyone to sign up to Google+.

  6. Reading about your fill up makes me smile. Now that we have swapped the big diesel for the little one, half a tank fill up is not over 50 dollars most of the time:)

  7. Thanks for the info on March ARB. I have found lodging at ARBs to be very nice and try to book them when we travel by car. Will you spend any time at Pendleton this winter?