Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Weekend in Fairfax

It was snowing pretty good in the Washington area on Thursday afternoon when we arrived.  It was a perfect afternoon and evening for a fire.  Jeff built a great one.  It was still pretty icy Thursday night so Adam waited until Friday to come out to Fairfax Station.  He showed me some cool features on the iPhone and was a good sport for a photo with his folks.
A lot of his things were stored for a few weeks and he loaded them into his Pathfinder.
And before we knew it he was off to Brooklyn, New York where he is going to live.    Later, Pam and I went over to Pei Wei for lunch.
We had fried rice and a serving of Lo Mein ~ some of our favorites.   We went out to Bethesda and picked up a copy of some of Pam's medical records.  On the way back we stopped in Tyson Galleria Shopping Center and looked for some corduroy's at L.L. Bean's.  We forgot how bad the traffic was near there at Christmas time.

On Saturday, we went to the Virginia Kitchen for breakfast with Intae and Lollie.  They have lived in the Herndon area for years and we have been friends since the 1980's when we were stationed together in Hawaii.  It was great to see them.

In the afternoon, we went to Caleb's basketball game. That was fun to see and it brought back a lot of memories.
It was 18-18 at the end of the third quarter.  But our team went cold and lost with Caleb scoring 8 points.

That evening we went to Mclean Bible Church for the Saturday night service.  We took a different route and hit I-495 traffic.  Bad mistake.  We ran into construction choke points and holiday shoppers backing up traffic getting into the Tyson's Corner area.  (How quickly we forget.)  We were 30+ minutes late and arrived in time for the sermon.

We finished off the evening with a bowl of soup at Panera's and it really hit the spot!  I love their chili and cornbread!

Today we drove back to our campground and were pleased to find everything in order.  Despite the low temperatures we had no accidents or freezing pipes so we were very glad about that.

I hope you have a great week and we appreciate you stopping by to check out the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Merry Christmas and I hope it is warm where you are!


  1. You sure managed to pack a lot into one day that's for sure. Glad to hear that your MH didn't suffer any from the cold weather either.

  2. Sounds like you all are having a great time and seeing the sights! If those photos were from your I-phone, they are great!!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    You vagabonds seem to be having a delightful time. I'll try to catch up on your adventures.

    If South Dakota is your nominal home turf, how is it that you never managed to get to Saskatchewan, Canada, straight north of you? Oh, the mysteries of life!