Saturday, December 4, 2010

Freezing Precautions

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It has gotten a little more nippy here in Virginia Beach and we had to unhook our hoses a couple of nights ago.  We have never done that before!
As an extra precaution I put the light in the water compartment to give it a little more heat around the water pipes and the tank.  I don't mind learning about this stuff ~ I just don't want to get any experience in the snow and ice.  Cold or coolish weather if fine but....I don't want to get used to this.  We will be heading south after Christmas.

I had a malfunction with my Canon Powershot SD 1200 the other day.  The lens would not open.  I learned a few months ago that I need to get warranty plan anytime I buy a camera or phone.  So I did.  It really came in handy when I took the camera into Best Buy and they replaced it with a Powershot SD 1400.  I am a satisfied customer!
We did some grocery shopping the other day and I was surprised to see new flavors of Cheerios.
Anyone else think that is kind of strange?  Chocolate Cheerios?  Banana Nut Cheerios?  I don't know why but that kind of blew my mind.  Next we will be seeing chocolate bread and chocolate toothpaste and ...??

Pam was cleaning and noticed the stopper in her sink was kind of groddy so I took it out and cleaned it.  It took a while to get at and remove.  I am always hesitant to start messing with plumbing because the thought occurs to me that we could end up worse off after I 'fixed' something.
It worked out fine this time.  I broke a tiny rubber grommet I was able to get a replacement for at Home Depot and I got it all cleaned out and put back together (no leaks).  One thing that was helpful was the flashlight on a tripod that Kelly got me a couple years ago.  That thing is really handy!

Our Christmas celebration season has officially begun!  Pam had me get out the decorations and she worked on the tree we bought at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago.
That is it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for joining us and we wish you a Happy Holiday season and a Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh yeah, plumbing can become really an offensive fix...glad it worked out. Love your Xmas decor...looks very festive!

  2. Your rig looks great all decked out for Christmas! I know what you mean about plumbing. Usually, I'm able to get everything apart, but seldom able to put it all back together without some kind of a leak. So, it's back to square one and do it again. Glad you were able to get the problem fixed with only 1 trip to Home Depot!!

    That flashlight/tripod gizmo looks like a really handy thing to have around - like having 3 hands!

  3. Great looking Christmas Lights, I too like the tripod flashlight, as you said it is a hand saver. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  4. I bet your festive rig brightens the heart of everyone who sees it. In addition to the handy tripod flashlight, you had a nice convenient seat. Ah, the Life! Do enjoy that new camera, too!

  5. Plumbing is bad enough in a! It's so good when things are back to normal, huh? LOVE the tree in the front of the rig...looks so fun!!!

  6. Those flavored Cheerios have been around awhile. I like the banana nut, but not the chocolate. I tried them, because I LOVE chocolate, but I couldn't even finish the box. :(

  7. Chocolate cereal just sounds nasty. Each to their own.

    Love the Christmas decorations...they sure are pretty.

  8. According to Michael Pollan's book, "Food Rules", you shouldn't eat breakfast cereal that changes the color of your milk ;o)

    I think that means a big NO to Chocolate Cheerios :o(

  9. the decorations look so festive!!..the tri-pod flashlight looks like that might be a purchase in our future?..where did Kelly buy it from?..
    and as for the Chocolate Cheerios?..we haven't seen them in Canada as yet..the Banana ones are here..I guess we will have to wait a bit longer to give those ones a try!!..have a great weekend!!

  10. Thanks for the mention, but you have my old address up. The new one is Your rig looks so festive. Where are you headed down south?

  11. The rig looks very festive. We have a little fiber optics tree in our 5th wheel dining area window. While we've been here at Birch Bay State Park we've noticed others enjoying the lights on the tree in the window.