Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Trees and Snow

We helped Kelly get a Christmas Tree for her house on Saturday.  We went to a Christmas Tree lot not far from our campground and picked out one that was about the right size.
Next we took it to her place and she put on the decorations.  Nikos helped.
It fits!
Outside, she put more decorations up.
With help from Nikos again and Aaron.

That night it began to snow lightly as we left to return to the campground.
Yikes!  that is real snow still left on the picnic table, the car and the gazebo roof!  Brrrrr
But not BRRRRR as in the weather up north in Canada or Buffalo NY or those places.  Which is fine with me.

Right now it is 26 degrees outside.  But the heater works and we have plenty of clothes.  I am also thankful for that.

We will be here another three weeks.  Then we are off to Georgia for a few nights, and then to Houston for Mark and Megan's wedding.  Then back to Moss Point, Mississippi for NOMADS work during the rest of January until the first week of February.  Then to San Antonio for a week, then on to Bracketville for a couple of weeks.  March and April and the first part of May, we are planning on being in Tucson.

That is it for the Roadrunner Chronicles today.  Thanks for joining us and hope you are warm where you are!


  1. nice work on the decorations!..what a cute house Kelly lives in!!..stay warm!!

  2. I like Kelly's Christmas Tree - nice job on the decorations!

    Looks pretty cold down there - but, not as bad as Buffalo for sure.

    We're in the middle of a real warm spell here with temperatures in the mid 50's.

  3. Love the Christmas tree...since we are selling them, just wondering what type it is and what you paid for it..if you don't mind sharing.

    The decorations are very pretty and loved the snow. We are hoping that the snow stays away at least till we get to Spirit Lake, ID on the 26th of December.

    Have a great day!

  4. Don't you just hate when you look out your RV door and see snow?? Makes you wonder if you are dreaming....Nice looking house, decor and tree...Great Job!!

  5. Such fun decorating for Christmas! The little dusting of snow added a nice touch. You have a nice itinerary lined up! Tucson: I'm jealous.