Saturday, January 3, 2009

This could be it...

Or maybe not...but we need to be ready to take advantage of this possibility.

After 17 months of talking, dreaming, praying, rethinking, planning, researching... we may be on the verge of getting our RV.
We are driving to NJ in a few days to check out a good looking 42' Phaeton with a very good price tag.
Things are moving fast. In order to make this happen, we have to:
  • Set up the money transaction
  • Get a good plan together
  • Get a good checklist
  • Drive it
  • Find a nearby RV storage facility
  • Get RV insurance
  • Be willing to walk away
  • Pray we don't do something we'll regret
Money. Three years ago we took out a home equity line of credit 'just in case' we found a home in Orlando or Virginia Beach. We never did and still have the loan. On this rig, we wont have to sell the house because we have enough in the line of credit to cover it.

Planning. We are going over how we are going to meet the seller, where we will see the rig and corresponding with him. We'll drive up late Friday night, get a motel, and be ready to see him early Saturday morning. I found a engine shop less than 12 miles away. Most service departments in the area are closed on the weekend.

Checklist. Now we are imaging ourselves inspecting the rig, seeing all the systems work, climbing on top of the roof to take a close look. I googled 'PDI checklist' and came up with a couple to examples use. PDI means 'pre-delivery inspection' and is what is used for new RVs when the dealer gets them ready for the new buyer.

Drive. We both need to be comfortable behind the wheel and need to see how different it is from the 40' motorhomes we have driven. It will also give us a chance to listen for rattles and see how solid things are.

Storage. I called about eight different places in the area to find one that will take a 42' RV. Most places cost around a $100 a month.

RV Insurance. I have contacted and obtained quotes from five agencies. I'd like a couple of more so I will scour the RV forums online to see what companies people use.

Walk away. This sounds like a great deal, but we have to be objective and be willing to walk away. We will be reasonable but we still need to negotiate a few things.

Pray. We have never been shy about that. We have a lot to learn and need all the help we can get. We don't want to do something foolish. I would like to get this and save quite a bit of our nest egg, but if it doesn't , I'd like to learn as much as I can through this process.


  1. Good Luck on your RV Check-out! I have just finished reading your blog (from the beginning). You have certainly done your homework, but I am sure it is still a scary process. We too are looking forward to becoming fulltime RVers, hopefully towards the end of 2010. Jim will continue to work full time (x-ray technologist) until he turns 62 (2012). We look forward to reading more of your adventure, as we begin ours. Hope to meet you someday - come to Oregon Coast and we will take you to dinner. Debby Brown

  2. If you decide to go with that one, you need to measure and make sure your airbrushed photo will fit on the back window.