Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Greater Washingon DC Golf Show

Pam and I used to play a lot of golf. My wedding present to her was a set of clubs 30 years ago. We love golf. And I love golf shows. Besides we needed smaller golf bags so they don't take up so much space in an RV.
I always look forward to the annual Golf Show. It was held nearby at the Dulles Expo Center and brought hundreds of vendors from up north who were emptying their golf proshops and warehouses.

Pam and I are downsizing everything including our golf bags so this was the place to find one. There were some real characters there this year and some interesting new items including 'Happy Feet'. They were selling an insert that makes you feel like you are walking on a baggy filled with water. Too weird for me. One company had their guys in orange jumpsuits.
I also met some interesting people. Karen Rhodes is from Canaan Valley Resort & Conference Center in West Virginia. They have all kinds of golf, camping, horseback riding, skiing and conference center packages available. I wanted to see if they RV campground host positions. No yet.
Some other folks I met were 'A pair of jeans' --- Jean and Gene Olivares from Saginaw, Michigan. They own Tour Fit, Inc.
They have a golf club business that deals with: custom fitted clubs; regripping, reshafting, repairs, accessories and golf club components. They travel around the country during the winter. Another thing they are involved with is a clothing ministry to the poor that is run by their Assembly of God Church back home. Nice people.
Another highlight of the event was seeing Hank Haney who is Tiger Woods' current golf instructor. Yep - no kidding, in person.
I always find something interesting at the golf show. And this year we picked up two golf bags so they will fit nicely into the RV we eventually will purchase.

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