Monday, January 5, 2009

RV Insurance - Initial Quotes

I have done a little bit of research on RV insurance. The first thing I did was read about it on the forum of Another one I checked out was the got a list of some RV insurance companies, googled them to get a contact number and called a few for a quote.Some (but not all) of the parameters in the quote were:
I am not finished but I have a good start. I am not yet convinced that I asked for the same coverage in each quote, so I will go back and double check before I signup.

My guess is that I will go with AON.

I was told the industry leaders are: Gilbert RV, AON and Millers.

Some considerations I followed:
  • Some will only insure for the sales price, not the NADA value
  • I want to get 'Total Loss Replacement'
  • Some have a low price but are new to the RV insurance business
  • I want to stay away from car insurance companies that have recently added RV insurance
I wonder what other guidelines people use. If you have some thoughts, pls add a comment.


  1. Randy...please keep me posted on this I want to know what you find out. We are shopping for better prices.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Randy, You may want to consider higher liability limits and an Umbrella policy. Those limits are not very high and Umbrella Coverage is not that expensive.

  3. Thanks, I have no idea about RV insurance rates. This is helpful. :)